Frugal Feasts: Clodagh McKenna’s linguine puttanesca

Irish Times Food Month: Delicious dinners for under €10

I love that an Italian named this dish after a – how do I put this so that I don’t offend anyone? – lady of the night. You get the idea. The pasta is hot and fiery, and so addictive, I guess that’s how it got the name.

10 years of Irish Times Food Month

If you aren’t a fan of anchovies, I get it, neither am I, but I so I love them in this sauce as they melt into the tomatoes and leave a delicious salty flavour. It does make a difference if you can get good quality anchovies in olive oil. But if you’re not convinced then just add an extra tablespoon of capers.

This dish has all the ticks – crowd pleaser, tastes so good, easy to make and very inexpensive to shop for.

It is perfect on its own but I do love having buttery garlic flatbread and a peppery salad of rocket with it. Light the fire, pour a glass of red wine and winter is looking pretty good.


Recipe: Clodagh McKenna’s linguine puttanesca

Clodagh McKenna is a chef, author and small-holding farmer. Her latest recipe book is ‘In Minutes’ and you can find her books, recipes and farming adventures at