Five unmissable TV shows this week

Irish peacekeepers in South Lebanon, Jennifer Lopez on the thin blue line, Ross Kemp in the line of Isis fire

Exodus: Our Journey to Europe
Monday, BBC Two, 9pm

We're accustomed to images of migrants being rescued on the Mediterranean, or in overcrowded refugee camps, but we don't get to see the journey they make to get to that point. A documentary crew gave camera phones to a number of people setting out on their perilous journey to reach Europe, and these have been gathered together for Exodus: Our Journey to Europe . Among those documenting their journey are 11-year-old Israa, who is selling cigarettes to pay smugglers to bring her family across the Mediterranean, and 27-year-old Hassan, who is travelling in an overcrowded dinghy that is in danger of sinking.

Ross Kemp: The Fight Against Isis
Monday, Sky 1, 9pm

Who's tough enough to take on the jihadists? Ross Kemp travels to Syria and Iraq to join the people on the frontline of the fight against Islamic extremism in Ross Kemp: The Fight Against Isis. Kemp meets Kurdish fighters, who have emerged as the West's greatest allies in the battle with Islamic State. And just in case you doubt Kemp's hard-man credentials, he comes face-to-face with Isis fighters and gets pinned down by an Isis sniper. Okay, Ross, you're harder than the rest – you can stop choking me now.

Shades of Blue
Tuesday, Sky Living, 9pm

Jennifer Lopez puts on her acting hat (and her cop's uniform) for new crime drama Shades of Blue. She plays tough-ass New York detective Harlee Santos, a single mom who is struggling with financial problems and a whole lot more besides. She is part of a crack team led by corrupt cop Lieut Matt Wozniak (Ray Liotta), and she's not averse to bending a few rules herself. But when the FBI catch her in an incriminating position, she is forced to become an undercover informant. The series got mixed reviews in the US, but most critics agreed Jenny from the block brought a bit of zing to her role.

Peacekeepers: The Irish in South Lebanon
Tuesday, RTÉ One, 9.35pm

One-hour documentary that promises to give an insight into the reality of life as a UN peacekeeping force as it follows the men and women of the 47th Infantry Group as they get ready for their tour of duty in the Lebanon – undergoing intensive mission training and combat readiness exercises, and bracing themselves for parting with their families for six months. The cameras are with them all through their mission, documenting the day-to-day drama of maintaining stability in the region. Sounds like proper reality TV.

Freddie Fries Again
Tuesday, Sky 1, 8pm

Freddie Flintoff heads over to these parts in the final episode of the series. The former cricketer has been travelling around in a chip van with cyclist Rob Penn, and they finish up their tour-de-fries in Ireland, where they drive down a "magic" road, go on a charity skinny dip, and get all spiritual on the Hill of Tara.