Lastronaut | Game Review

A free-to-play mobile game, Lastronaut is simple and derivative, but fast-paced and compulsive

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Publisher: Darrin Henein
Reviewed On: iPhone
Cert: 9
Available On: iPhone,iPad

What a wonderful world we live in when games like this are free. No ads, no micro-transactions and no requests to invite friends via social network. Granted, it's a very limited game, but Lastronaut is endearing and very addictive.

You play (you guessed it) the last person on Earth. The planet is on its last legs and you must sprint through the rubble, avoiding mines, missiles and more (oh my!). You’re equipped with a random weapon for each turn, such as a flamethrower, rocket launcher, heat-seeking bullets or something else.

Lastronaut is a simple, side-scrolling, endless runner. There are only two touch-screen controls – jump and shoot. While it's basic and derivative, it's also compulsive, speedy and playable.

It’s nicely packaged too, with charming, 8-bit block graphics, a synth score and retro sound effects such as shrill lasers. The rendering of a city claimed by alien invaders is imaginative (within its limited pallete) and sometimes it slips into stylisth slow motion.


Lastronaut probably won't trouble any end of year lists or awards shows, but it's ideal for little diversions on your mobile device