Brian Eno (With the words of Rick Holland)

Drums between the Bells Warp ***

Drums between the Bells Warp ***

What poet wouldn’t relish hearing their compositions filtered through Brian Eno’s unique sonic prism? The lucky wordsmith here is Rick Holland, who Eno first encountered in the late 1990s and began

making music with in 2003. Holland’s clipped, almost concrete poetry is well matched with Eno’s blend of ambient sound and pulsing electronica. The poems are recited by an ensemble cast, and though the mood is downbeat, there’s food for thought and even a few titbits for the soul. The robotic rhythm and vocals of



sounds like an artier version of Air, with better lyrics, while

The Real

revisits Eno’s Music for Airports approach to ask a question every Facebook subscriber should consider.


gets lost on a ghostly repeated loop, while

A Title

employs an ambient spaghetti western theme to assert that life is nothing like a movie. See

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Pour It Out,

The Real, Sounds Alien

Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney is an Irish Times journalist