Crosaire No 17892 by Le Corsaire

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1 Material available publicly (= IN CIRCULATION) about (indicates anagram) tour (= TOUR) with corrupt (indicates anagram) clinician (= CLINICIAN).

10 Fraternise at the centre (i.e. middle of ‘fraternise’ = TERN) and learn regularly (indicates alternate letters of ‘learn’ = L-A-N) in order (indicates anagram) to gain enlightenment, maybe (= LANTERN).

11 A violent (indicates anagram), prospective wife (= MRS TO BE) for the criminal (= MOBSTER).


12 At the end of the day (= Y), people (= FOLK) lose the head (remove first letter = -OLK) about this golden, delicious one (= YOLK).

13 Might be the type of bean (= CACAO) tallied by accountant (= CA) at California (= CA) job centre (= O).

15 Graduate left date (remove ‘date’ from ‘graduate’ = GRAU) to cook (anagram indicator) pasta sauce (= RAGU).

17 Gentleman (= SIR) will abruptly (‘abruptly’ indicates word cut short) lift (i.e. ‘rise’, abruptly = RIS-) this up (reverse indicator = SIR).

19 Reddish-brown (= RUSSET) concoction (indicates anagram) for user (= USER) on street (= ST).

21 Was cured (= SALTED) and lasted, in other words (indicates anagram of LASTED).

22 Might he react badly (indicates anagram of ‘HE REACT’) to informative type (= TEACHER)?

23 Spiky little one (= URCHIN, ref. ‘sea urchin’) plays mischievously on the streets (= URCHIN).

25 Held in awe although found in (hidden word indicated by ‘held in’ or ‘found in’ i.e. ‘aWE ALTHough’) abundance (= WEALTH).

27 Sharp little stick (= PEG) took out (deletion indicator) Mrs Sayers’ (= PEIG) eye (= I).

29 Day starts ( = DA) with moderately soft (= MP, ref. ‘mezzo piano’ i.e. ‘mp’) rain (= DAMP).

30 Northern (= N) Irish donkey (= ASAL) brays harshly in this manner, perhaps (= NASAL).

31 Crosses line (= SCAB) at a (= A) Christian Brothers School (= CBS), by mistake (indicates anagram).

34 17 across (‘Sir’) turns up (= RIS) with famous Prussian (ref. Otto von Bismarck = OTTO) for dinner (= RISOTTO).

35 Jump (= SURGE) ahead (= ON) of theatre worker (= SURGEON).

36 Rotary style (= ROUND AND ROUND) phone (= ‘ring’ i.e. ‘ROUND’) used twice, perhaps.


2 Puzzle (= NONPLUS) with takeaway (i.e. ‘non plus’ or ‘take away’), perhaps.

3 Nine (= IX) elephants, start (= E) to travel with (indicates anagram) leader of Bern (= B) and this alpine fellow (= IBEX).

4 Etruscan vase is stuffed with (indicates hidden word in ‘etrusCAN VASe’) fabric (= CANVAS).

5 I hear (indicates homophone) there’s some planks (i.e. ‘lumber’) at the back (= LUMBAR).

6 Gave first performance (= DEBUT) without leader (remove ‘D’ = -EBUT) back (reverse indicator = TUBE) in London (= TUBE).

7 Excluded (= OUTCAST) lawless (indicates anagram) conceptualist who had pocketed (indicates hidden word) pencil (i.e. remove ‘pencil’ from ‘conceptualist’ = OCTUAST, i.e. anagram of OUTCAST) .

8 Goes off with (indicates anagram) nursery pals (= NURSERY PALS) Oscar (= O) and Dara, initially (= D), to get bat and prepare bases before he does this (= PLAYS ROUNDERS).

9 Eccentrically (indicates anagram) unadorned, Beth (= UNADORNED BETH) has gone this way in a tizzy (= AROUND THE BEND).

14 36 across (‘round and round’ = CIRCLES) this Greek witch (= CIRCE) goes, uncertainly, (indicates anagram) at labyrinth’s edges (= L-S).

16 Little French (= PETIT) quartets arrive following meal (ref. ‘petit fours’).

18 Don’t start (= D) to accept war-god’s (= ARES) challenges (= DARES).

20 Catch (= NET) up (reverse indiator) across in Rome (i.e. ‘a cross in Rome’ = X = TEN).

21 Close wound, perhaps (= SEW), but anaesthetise while demonstrating (‘demonstrating’ indicates hidden word i.e. ‘anaesthetiSE While’).

24 Awakens (= COMES TO) some October (= SOME OCT), mysteriously (indicates anagram).

26 Speaker here (= LECTERN) recently cut short (i.e. remove last letter of ‘recently’ = RECENTL), disgracefully (indicates anagram of ‘RECENTL’ = LECTERN).”

27 Pair of fathers (= PA and DA) go (= GO) round (indicates anagram) to temple (= PAGODA).

28 Used chemical weapon (= GASSED) to damage (indicates anagram) aged (= AGED) ship (= SS).

32 Starts (i.e. first letters) speaking (S) to (T) upperclass (U) nobles (N) to astonish them (= STUN).

33 In the zoo (= ZOO), rhino starts (= R) to eat pasta (= ORZO).