Crosaire No 17882 by Dominic

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1 Dour (dreary) around (Housing) ET (alien as in extra terrestrial) = detour = circuitous route

4 CID (British cops) in anagram (terrible) of “state” = acid test = definitive trial

9 Au (gold) + par (standard) around (introduced to) I = au pair = foreign worker


10 Budge (compromise compared with not budging) in ONT (initial letters of Offering New Terms) = on budget = no cost over-run

12 Leaves are out in spring; leaves out = misses (as in omits)

13 Lego (brick company) around t (time) = let go = fire

14 Anagram (mess) of “that wastrel’s) = the last straw

18 Anagram (wnadering) of “near Shetland” = Neandethals = people who no longer exist

21 WOund = tightened; bound = spring; removing b (top) and adding W (weight) makes bound into wound

22 Outwit (trick) + hit (shot) = out with it = tell us what happened

24 Baguette (food from France) sounds like (picked up) bagette i.e. a little bag

25 Beggar (challenge as in beggar belief) = bear (hold as in hold responsibility) + gg (horse) inside

26 Trying = testing + h from ‘hard’, absorbed (anagram) = The Sting, a film

27 Pick (select) and nick (cut) sounds like picnic = outdooor meal


1 Dead and late are two synonyms of passed = well behind

2 Anagram (transformed) = “tap water” = readily available liquid

3 Couple = unite, contained and reversed (held up) in disquiET IN University

5 Constituents are what something is made up of; it also means people a politician looks after

6 Do (act) x 2 = double act = a comic turn

7 Height (maxumum i.e. the height of luxury); if the h (the first letter) moves to be the last = eighth = 12.5%

8 Oot (Scots dialect for out) reversed (turn) = too with tat (rubbish) before it = tattoo = display (e.g. the Edinburgh Tattoo)

11 Rooting (cheering) and tooting ( = horn blowing) without last letters = Rootin’ Tootin’ = US expression for boisterous

15 Odd letters of AuDiT = adt; insert two men+ aMENdMENt = change

16 Path (approach) + o (zero) + gen (information) = pathogen = cause of disease

17 Anagram (melted) of “ice store” = esoteric = secret

19 Two (brace) + bit (took hold) = two bit = not important

20 Burgle (knock over as in knock over a house) = bugle (instrument) round (holding) r (first letter of rehearsals)

23 Even letters (regularly) of sEeN inside (being entertained by) ici (French for here) = Iceni, an old British tribe