Crosaire No 17850 by Crossheir – Saturday, April 2nd, 2022

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1 Doesn't describe Thomas? (WITHOUT A DOUBT) That's for sure! (WITHOUT A DOUBT),

10 Start off (r) confirmation (rite) (‘rite’ without ‘r’ = (ITE -) for judge (-RATE) (ITERATE) to go over again (ITERATE),

11 Valuable bit of rock (-ORE-) near port (port/left = L-) and point (compass point East = -E-) found in Long Island (LI = L-I) (LORELEI) – somewhere sailors should avoid (LORELEI),

12 Unable to stomach (HATE) the extremes of hazardous waste (the extremes of ‘HAzardous wasTE’ = HATE),


13 It’s the crème de la crème (JEWEL) from one of The Stones (JEWEL),

15 Old sailor (NOAH) in North Sea not getting rest (‘North Sea’ not getting/without ‘rest’ = noha = NOAH),

17 Spike (pin) raised (= reverse indicator) (pin = NIP) in Rush according to the locals (‘rush’ locally  = NIP),

19 Lacking the skill (UNABLE) in New Labour to dismiss row (‘New Labour’ to dismiss ‘row’ = nelabu = UNABLE),

21 Sample of catch on shuttle (sample of ‘catcH ON SHUttle’ = HONSHU) in Japanese waters (HONSHU – largest of the four main Japanese islands)

22 Accountant (CA-) from college (-C-) taken in by presentation (show = -SH -OW) (CASH COW) that’s a money-spinner for those dealing in stock presumably (CASH COW),

23 What an Arabian requires (Arabian house requires A RIDER) in addition to Bill is similar to 26 down? (addition/amendment to a Bill = A RIDER + and linked to ‘proviso’ = A RIDER),

25 Doctor (GP = G-P-) welcomes music (-RAP-) with a (-A) (GRAPPA) drink (GRAPPA),

27 Womaniser leaves housewarming (‘womaniser’ leaves ‘housewarming’= hug = HUG) with squeeze (HUG),

29 With regard to (IN RE) characters over (= reverse indicator) in Western Islands (characters in ‘westERN Islands’ = erni = IN RE),

30 Fragment of aretalogy (fragment of ‘aRETALogy’ = retal) recedes (= reverse indicator) (retal = LATER) after a while (LATER),

31 Is similar to 21 down (BOAR is similar to ‘hog’) in Snake (BOA-) River (-R) (BOAR),

34 Caught (C-) Frenchman (-M-) in bank robbery (heist = -HE-IST) (CHEMIST) with drug dealer (CHEMIST),

35 Endurance (STAMINA) to pick-up (= reverse indicator) beastly type (animal) briefly (l) (‘animal’ without ‘l’ = anima = -AMINA) for Eliot (TS Eliot = TS = ST-) (STAMINA),

36 You’d need to be here to pick up (WITHIN EARSHOT) most of (t) the clue (hint) (‘hint’ without ‘t’ = -HIN-) after (= position indicator) comedian (WIT-) from 20 down (‘ear’ = EAR-) gets photographed (-SHOT) (WITHIN EARSHOT).

2 A deceit (a deceit) performed (= anagram indicator) (a deceit = ICED TEA)) by one of those typically drunk in the summer (ICED TEA),

3 On top of everything else (HEAD), dispatcher loses script (‘dispatcher’ loses ‘script’ = dahe = HEAD),

4 Going through a rough patch (UNEVEN) as not going steady? (UNEVEN),

5 Snake (asp = AS-P) found around river (River -LEE-) (ASLEEP) is dead to the world (ASLEEP),

6 Stuffed into leather goods (stuffed into ‘leathER GOods’ = ergo) switched (= reverse indicator) (ergo = OGRE) by pantomime villain (OGRE),

7 Makes a lot of noise about something (BELLOWS) that’s fanning the flames (BELLOWS),

8 Effortlessly, go off before this (go off WITHOUT A HITCH) old hag (witch = WIT- -CH) covers her head (‘Her’ head = -H-) going out (-OUT) first (A) on strike (HIT-) (WITHOUT A HITCH),

9 Not going for rest? (WITHOUT A BREAK) Describes the snooker player who can’t pot a ball! (WITHOUT A BREAK),

14 Lacking (WITHOUT) the top characters on most sides today (top characters on most sides today = WITHOUT),

16 University (University of Limerick = UL-) record (rec) upsetting (= reversal indicator) (rec = -CER) (ULCER) and difficult to stomach perhaps (stomach ULCER),

18 Leaf from dayflower (‘leaf’ from ‘dayflower’ = dyowr = DOWRY) is given by the bride on the big day (DOWRY),

20 Listening device (EAR) found up (= reverse indicator) in 24 down (found in ‘isRAEli’ = rae = EAR),

21 Corner (HOG) within Sligo hospital in a roundabout way (= reverse indicator) (within ‘sliGO Hospital’ in a roundabout way = goh = HOG),

24 One (I-) serial (serial) adaptation (= anagram indicator) (serial = -SRAELI) (ISRAELI) of Living in the Middle East (ISRAELI),

26 Confirm (prove) clip (e) (‘prove’ without ‘e’ = PROV-) is (-IS-) of leading (‘Of’ leading = -O) (PROVISO) rider (PROVISO),

27 Make tracks (HASTEN) opening for Hothouse (opening for ‘Hothouse’ = H-) Flower (aster) briefly (r) (‘aster’ without ‘r’ = -ASTE-) on first night (on first ‘Night’ = -N) (HASTEN),

28 Japanese hostess (GEISHA) in Newbridge is hardworking (in ‘newbridGE IS HArdworking’ = GEISHA),

32 On the same side (WITH) starting for all sides today (WITH starts for all sides today),

33 Young woman (LASS) rescuing hamster from salt marshes (‘hamster’ taken from ‘salt marshes’ = alss = LASS).