Crosaire No 17845 by Crossheir – Monday, March 28th, 2022

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8 Double agents don’t get stoned (‘double agents’ don’t get/without ‘stoned’ = ubleag = BELUGA) in the expensive fish restaurant (BELUGA caviar),

9 Unable to hold it together (STRESSED) around (= reverse indicator) sweets of course (desserts = STRESSED),

10 Straight (straight HAND in cards) with both sides of Hawaiian island (both sides of ‘HAwaiian islaND’ = HAND),


11 Dismissed (DISCHARGED) detectives (DI’s = DIS-) accused in the station (-CHARGED) (DISCHARGED),

12 The mysteries (ARCANA) of opening artery (opening ‘Artery’ = A-) on Royal (-R-) Canal (canal), for the most part (l) (‘canal’ without ‘l’ = -CANA) (ARCANA),

14 Father (Rev = VER-) picked up (= reverse indicator) article (-AN-) on the German (‘the’ German = -DAS) (VERANDAS) porches (VERANDAS),

15 Accommodation (let) around (= reverse indicator) (let = TEL-) Spain (-E-) for most of those (s) in 21 down (‘phones’ without ‘s’ = - PHONE) for one (NUMBER) (TELEPHONE NUMBER) type kept in a cell in America (TELEPHONE NUMBER kept in a cell/phone in America),

18 Russell (George William Russell = AE = A-E) conceals life’s little ironies primarily (‘Lifes Little Ironies’ primarily’ = -LLI-) from party (African National Congress = -ANC-) (ALLIANCE) in coalition (ALLIANCE),

20 Acts from outer space (‘acts’ from ‘outer space’ = ouerpe = EUROPE) in place of those from Italy and Albania, for instance (EUROPE),

22 Barman (Senior Counsel = SC-) produces two types of music (rap + metal = -RAP METAL) (SCRAP METAL) that could be recycled or discarded as rubbish (SCRAP METAL),

24 It’s not very hot (COOL) all around Costa del Sol? (all around ‘COsta del sOL’ = COOL),

25 Benefit (DIVIDEND) in Split (DIVIDE-) to newly formed banks (‘Newly formeD’ banks = -ND) (DIVIDEND),

26 Endless (e) space for sitting down (settee) (‘settee’ without ‘e’ = SETTE-) with Rex (-R) (SETTER) – a hunting dog (SETTER).


1 It concerns (RE-) power (-P-) to broadcast (-AIR) (REPAIR) service (REPAIR),

2 Asian (Kurd) state (= homophone indicator) (‘Kurd’ = ‘CURD’) producing head of cauliflower (CURD),

3 Don’t use the machine to launder (HAND-WASH) 10 across (‘hand’ = HAND-) and clean up (-WASH) (HAND-WASH),

4 Contemplates (muses) cutting 1000 (m) (‘muses’ without ‘m’ = USES) functions (USES),

5 Reach (reach) out (= anagram indicator) (reach = ARCHE-) to head of recruitment (head of ‘Recruitment’ = -R) (ARCHER) having targets to hit (ARCHER),

6 One of those looking up (ASTRONOMER) woman staring into space (ASTRONOMER),

7 Create (GENERATE) DNA component (GENE-) to bring before (= positional indicator) judge (-RATE) (GENERATE),

13 Essentially sour grapes (ACETIC ACID) in California (CA = AC-) over (= reverse indicator) (CA = AC-) backward (= reverse indicator) quote (cite = - ETIC) on LSD (ACID) (ACETIC ACID),

14 Venezuela lacks zeal (‘Venezuela’ lacks ‘zeal’ = venue = VENUE) for the game (VENUE),

16 Community (European Community = EC-) associated with the foreign (‘the’ foreign/French = -LE-) court (-CT-) in charge (In Charge = -IC) (ECLECTIC) of type dealing with a range of sources (ECLECTIC),

17 It’s not necessary (NEEDLESS) to prepare the pizza dough (knead) – overheard (= homophone indicator) (‘knead’ = ‘need’ = NEED-) from Takeaway (take away = -LESS) (NEEDLESS),

19 The characters at the end of 15 across (end of ‘telephone number’ = NUMBER) in 1984, for example (NUMBER),

21 Gives a ring (PHONES) with lead, platinum (lead ‘Platinum’ = P-) – the centre (‘tHe’ centre = -H-) having a single (-ONE-) sapphire on top (‘Sapphire’ on top letter = -S) (PHONES),

23 Ross gets off steroids (‘Ross’ gets off ‘steroids’ = teid = TIDE) – the current trend suggesting it has a yo-yo effect (yo-yo effect = TIDE),

24 Danes leaving syndicate (‘Danes’ leaving ‘syndicate’ = yict = CITY) in Copenhagen, for example (CITY).