Crosaire No 17843 by Crossheir – Friday, March 25th, 2022

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8 Sally (sally/joke = JEST-) Ward (-ER) (JESTER) once had The Court in tears of laughter (JESTER),

9 Abel seen (Abel seen) running (= anagram indicator) (Abel seen = LEBANESE) by those living in Tripoli? (those living in Tripoli port in Lebanon = LEBANESE),

10 Leads for microphones and sophisticated headphones (leads for ‘Microphones And Sophisticated Headphones’ = MASH) produced by Pulp (MASH),

11 Those on a crash course on fair ground (BUMPER CARS) to race (BUMPER race in horseracing) most of those in 24 across (most of ‘card’ = CAR-) close to Olympics (close to ‘olympicS’ = -S) (BUMPER CARS),


12 Is (IS-) going to church (-CH-) institute (-I-) and academy (-A) (ISCHIA) with one of those off Naples (ISCHIA island west of Naples),

14 Old pickpocket (CUTPURSE) from 24 down (cuts) is not finished (s) (‘cuts’ without ‘s’ = CUT-) with 21 down (purses), for the most part (s) (‘purses’ without ‘s’ = -PURSE) (CUTPURSE),

15 Old French (Old French = OF) behind (= position indicator) 1 down (‘cedars’ = CEDARS) providing a home for those in 9 across (LEBANON providing a home for ‘Lebanese’) (CEDARS OF LEBANON) in a forest symbolic of power and longevity (CEDARS OF LEBANON are symbolic of power and longevity),

18 Attention-grabbing schemes (GIMMICKS) produced by great (G-) funny (= anagram indicator) mimics (mimics = -IMMIC-S) over weekend (‘weeK’ end = -K-) (GIMMICKS),

20 Goes slowly (CREEPS) for Speer (speer = -REEPS) at castle (C-) going all the way back (= reverse all indicator) (CREEPS)

22 Put up (HOUSE-) with partners (-MATES) (HOUSEMATES) of those who share (HOUSEMATES),

24 The Number Two (CARD) in The Queen? (CARD),

25 Without a doubt (SURE-) Irish men (Irish ‘men’ = FIR-) going to Spain (-E) (SURE-FIRE) certain to succeed (SURE-FIRE),

26 Spice (NUTMEG) Girl (-MEG) is after (= position indicator) backing (= reverse indicator) short (e) tune (tune) (‘tune’ without ‘e’ = tun = NUT-) (NUTMEG).

1 Line from Icelanders ('line' from 'Icelanders' = ceadrs = CEDARS) producing fragrant trees (CEDARS),

2 Fly in the ointment (hitch) when top removed (h) (‘hitch’ without ‘h’ = ITCH) for the allergic reaction (ITCH),

3 Nags (horses/nags = ARABIANS) Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves presumably (ARABIANS from the story collection “The Arabian Nights’ Entertainment”),

4 A feather in one’s cap (plume) finishing off (e) (‘plume’ without ‘e’ = PLUM) claret (PLUM),

5 It’s miles away perhaps (ABSENT) from baked (= anagram indicator) beans (beans = ABSEN-) on top of toast (top of ‘Toast’ = -T) (ABSENT),

6 At home (IN-) with a (-A-) Cork (-C-) member of the clergy (-CURATE) (INACCURATE) or out? (INACCURATE),

7 Stimulant (ESPRESSO coffee) provides energy (E-) – why should I care (so = -S-O) media (-PRESS-) is taken in? (ESPRESSO),

13 In principle (principle), it’s said (= homophone indicator) (‘principle’ = ‘principal’ = HEADMASTER) it could be Freud? (psychoanalyst/head master? = HEADMASTER),

14 Some Costa Rica festivals (some ‘costa riCA FEStivals’ = CAFES) catering for the consumers (CAFES),

16 Postscript (EPILOGUE) to short (c) poem (‘epic’ without ‘c’ = EPI-) written by captain (-LOG-) is mostly (d) outstanding (‘due’ without ‘d’ = -UE) (EPILOGUE),

17 Forgiving (EXCUSING) deranged (= anagram indicator) genius (genius = E-USING) holding wrong (-X-) key (music key -C-) (EXCUSING),

19 Lock-up (COMMIT) local Marxist (commie) briefly (e) (‘commie’ without ‘e’ = COMMI-) for starting trouble (starting ‘Trouble’ = -T) (COMMIT),

21 They’re holding the Coppers’ (PURSES holding the coppers/change) and Super’s (supers) suspect? (= anagram indicator) (supers = PURSES),

23 Leaves home (TREE) with one of those in 1 down, for instance (one of the ‘cedars’ = TREE),

24 Clips (CUTS) of leaders cracking under the strain (leaders ‘Cracking Under The Strain’ = CUTS).