Crosaire No 17726 by Crossheir – Monday, November 8th, 2021

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8 Hair-raising moments (ALARMS) for air marshal with no hair? (‘air marshal’ with no ‘hair’ = amarsl  = ALARMS),

9 One of those preserving Vienna (Vienna roll in BREAD BIN) gets local money (BREAD) – and on reflection (= reverse indicator), that’s the writer’s point (nib = BIN) (BREAD BIN),

10 Served up (= reversal indicator) sample of spaghetti meals (sample of ‘spaghetTI MEals’ = time = EMIT) to give out (EMIT),


11 A kind of crowd  (IN- crowd) paid (paid = -DIA P-) back (= reverse indicator) (paid = -DIA P-) by Primate (-APE-) for writing (from the 3Rs = -R) (INDIA PAPER) material used in The Bible, for example (INDIA PAPER),

12 The range (SIERRA) of some folksier rapper (some ‘folkSIER RApper = SIERRA),

14 Who can tell what the future holds (PALMISTS) for backing (= reverse indicator) strike (slap = PAL-S) over First Minister (first ‘Minister’ = -M-) getting award from university (first = -IST-)? (PALMISTS),

15 One tends to get this when all the windows are closed in the house (ROOM TEMPERATURE) or 23 down? (‘room’ = ROOM) Fever! (TEMPERATURE) (ROOM TEMPERATURE),

18 Use (= anagram indicator) grey tome (grey tome = GEOMETRY) – the one Newton worked on (GEOMETRY),

20 Party (DO-) for the Italian (‘the’ Italian = -IL-) in Clare (-C-E) (DOCILE) is easily managed (DOCILE),

22 They warn of the dangers concerning The Inferno (FIRE ALARMS) by putting 24 down (‘fire’ = FIRE) and 8 across (‘alarms’ = ALARMS) together (FIRE ALARMS),

24 What’s in pousse-café (what’s in ‘poussE CAFé’ served up = ecaf) served up (= reverse indicator) (ecaf = FACE) in mug? (FACE),

25 The Hollywood dude (ANGELENO from Los Angeles), producing Lucifer (ANGEL-) and One (one) Revolutionary (= reverse indicator) (one = -ENO) (ANGELENO),

26 Short (g) joke (gag) (‘gag’ without ‘g’ = GA-) on royal (-R-) line – the half (half of ‘LIne’ = -LI-) that gets caught (-C) (GARLIC) and squeezed in the press? (GARLIC squeezed in garlic press).


1 Students of the past (ALUMNI) in old boys’ club (ALUMNI),

2 Bar (bar) work (= anagram indicator) (bar = BRA-) open to (open ‘To’ = -T) (BRAT) rascal (BRAT),

3 Will (Will/Estate = EST-ATE) containing a couple of million, for starters (a couple of ‘MIllion’, for starters = mi), written up (= reverse indicator) (mi = -IM-) (ESTIMATE) by judge (ESTIMATE),

4 Yours truly (I-) gets lot (-BID) (IBID) from the same source (IBID),

5 Turns up (= reverse indicator), it’s dead (late = -ETA-L) around institute (-I-), department (D-) (DETAIL) and unit for those who want to fight (DETAIL),

6 Fanciful (IDEALISTIC) concept (IDEA-) is a reminder to shopper (-LIST-) in charge (-IC) (IDEALISTIC),

7 The one calling the shots (DIRECTOR) is bound to make a scene (DIRECTOR),

13 Clubman (-MEMBER-) in Rush (rush = RE-ED) (REMEMBERED) is not forgotten (REMEMBERED),

14 Seed (POPPY) money from England (penny = P-) kept very quiet (pianissimo = -PP-) in Offaly (O-Y) (POPPY),

16 Following orders (OBEDIENT) of old (O-) king (king-sized bed = -BED-) from Ireland (Ireland domain = .ie = -IE-) is not (not) heartless (o) (‘nOt’ without ‘o’ = -NT) (OBEDIENT),

17 Leave work (resign = RE-SIGN) over short (n) study (den) (‘den’ without ‘n’ = -DE-) (REDESIGN) in new plan (REDESIGN),

19 The bar on a boat is called what? (TILLER) “The Navigator” of course! (TILLER),

21 A late-night session (LOCK-IN) in most (s) bars (bars/bolts = locks) (‘locks’ without ‘s’ = LOCK -) where drink is served (inn) endlessly (n) (‘inn’ without ‘n’ = - IN) (LOCK-IN),

23 Study, for example (ROOM), around (= reverse indicator) Othello (Moor = ROOM).

24 Promethean gift (FIRE) to Alexander I fomenting Rising (= reverse indicator) in part (‘alexandER I Fomenting’ = erif = FIRE).