Crosaire No 17724 by Crossheir – Friday, November 5th, 2021

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8 Source of wool (ALPACA) in Alabama (AL-), Pennsylvania (-PA-) and California (-CA) (ALPACA),

9 Friend from The Gaeltacht (‘friend’ from The Gaeltacht = ‘cara’ = C-ARA-) welcomes introduction to handbook (introduction to ‘Handbook’ = -H-) for some nice (Nice/French ‘some’ = -DES) (CHARADES) party game (CHARADES)

10 Trackers lose cars (‘trackers’ lose ‘cars’ = tker = TREK) in a long arduous journey (TREK),

11 They exchange notes (BANK CLERKS) in bar (BAN-) on weekend (‘weeK’ end = -K) with legal aides (CLERKS) (BANK CLERKS),


12 Christmas (Christmas ISLAND) or Easter (Easter ISLAND), both synonymous with mass (land mass) for offshore people? (land mass for offshore people = ISLAND),

14 A Ted – teen (a ted teen) rebel (= anagram indicator) (a ted teen = ATTENDEE) and the one at the event (ATTENDEE),

15 One knowing everything about The Crown (BRAIN SPECIALIST) has an ability to get into your head (BRAIN SPECIALIST),

18 Croatian (Croatian) novel (= anagram indicator) (Croatian = RAINCOAT) is perfect for that shower (RAINCOAT),

20 Losing moisture (DRYING) in withering away (withering away = D-YING) around the end of winter (the end of ‘winteR’  = -R-) (DRYING),

22 Athlete (SHOT-PUTTER) fired (SHOT-) by club (-PUTTER golf club) (SHOT-PUTTER),

24 Sobers up without Rose (‘sobers up’ without ‘Rose’ = bsup = PUBS) in a number of bars (PUBS),

25 European (ANDORRAN) in The Principality (ANDORRA-) for November (-N) (ANDORRAN),

26 Is not open (CLOSED) or shut? (CLOSED).

1 Office workers (CLERKS) finishing at the end of 11 across (at the end of 'bank clerks' = CLERKS),

2 Opens 11 across (opens ‘bank clerks’ = BANK) in place of interest? (BANK),

3 Drinking establishment (BAR) is shoddy (-BAD-) and so (so = -OS) backward (= reverse indicator) (BARBADOS) in 12 across, for example (BARBADOS is an ‘island’),

4 Take a quick look at (SCAN) issue out of sauciness (‘issue’ out of ‘sauciness’ = sacn = SCAN),

5 Give permission to (let = L-ET) include party (-ANC-) (LANCET) piece – that’s cutting edge in The Theatre? (LANCET),

6 Typical of a mother (MATERNALLY) in hospital (MATER- hospital) with everyone (-ALL-) in American state (New York = -N-Y) (MATERNALLY),

7 Flaw (WEAKNESS) in most (e) small (‘wee’ without ‘e’ = WE-), wild (= anagram indicator) snakes (snakes = -AKNESS) (WEAKNESS),

13 The greatest (Muhammad ALI-) emerging leader (‘Emerging’ leader = -E-) from China (-NATION) (ALIENATION) in a state of isolation (ALIENATION),

14 Representative (AGENT) of a (A-) lady’s man (-GENT) (AGENT),

16 Getting to someone (REACHING) talking to the congregation (preaching) without an introduction (p) (‘preaching’ without ‘p’ = REACHING),

17 Up (= reverse indicator) north (NI = IN-), Frank (-DIRECT) (INDIRECT) is suffering from circumstantiality? (INDIRECT),

19 What the artist produced (OEUVRE) for starter came out of Treasure Trove (‘starter’ came out of ‘treasure trove’ = eurove = OEUVRE),

21 In upturn (= reverse indicator), short (l) sell (‘sell’ without ‘l’ = sel = -LES) German city (Bonn) (‘Bonn’ without ‘n’ = bon = NOB-) (NOBLES) briefly to The Junkers (The Junkers = German NOBLES),

23 Bank’s temporary investment (banks ‘TEmporary investmeNT’ = TENT) in something that’s pitched (TENT),

24 Parcel (parcel of land = PLOT) for novice (learner = -L-) taken in by Kitty (P-OT) (PLOT).