Crosaire No 17719 by Crossheir – Saturday, October 30th, 2021

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1 Display of contempt (SHOW NO RESPECT) for son who (son who) ruined (= anagram indicator) (son who = SHOW NO) 14 down ('respect' = RESPECT) (SHOW NO RESPECT),

10 Went looking to see the game (H-UNTED) around area (-A-) (HAUNTED) filled with spirits (HAUNTED),

11 Alternatively (alternative spelling of lad-di-dah/la-di-da), in a manner of speaking, pretentious (LA-DI-DAH) young man (lad = LA-D-) from institute (-I-) had (had) given up (= reverse indicator) (had = - DAH) (LA-DI-DAH),

12 Finish filming (WRAP) of what’s on the menu in The Restaurant (WRAP),


13 Planet (MARS-) Hollywood opening (‘Hollywood’ opening = -H) (MARSH) in wet lowland (MARSH),

15 State (AVOW) of first aid (first ‘Aid’ = A-) order (-O-) found in vehicle (VW Volkswagen = -V-W) (AVOW),

17 A number (ten) retiring (= reverse indicator) (ten = NET) with Hook (hook = NET),

19 Turns up (= reverse indicator), for example (e.g. = -GE), to study (den = -N ED-) at Oxford (O-) (ON EDGE), a bundle of nerves (ON EDGE),

21 Bob (HAIRDO) runs the committee (chair) without leader (c) (‘chair’ without ‘c’ = HAIR-) from party (-DO) (HAIRDO),

22 Send up (LAMPOON) artificial light (LAMP-) – it’s provides a light at night (moon) without a lead (m) (‘moon’ without ‘m’= -OON) (LAMPOON),

23 Liveliness (ESPRIT) in the ultimate Champagne (the ultimate ‘champagnE’ = E-) fizz (hiss/spit = SP-IT) found around centre of Épernay (centre of ‘épeRnay’ = -R-) (ESPRIT),

25 It’s not hard to take (EDIBLE), as in retrospect (= reverse indicator), the foreign (‘the’ Spanish = el = -LE) offer (bid = -DIB-) is close to insane (close to ‘insanE’ = E-) (EDIBLE),

27 Take steps (ACT) to remove nose (remove nose/tip = ‘p’) from Concord? (pact) (‘pact’ without ‘p’ = ACT),

29 Profile (FACE) of those at the end of 8 down (end of ‘show one’s face’ = FACE),

30 One of the constituents (VOTER), etc., from corvette  (‘etc’ from ‘corvette’  = orvte = VOTER),

31 Elevated (= reversal indicator) part of the Taj Mahal building (part of the ‘taj maHAL Building’ = halb = BLAH) is as dull as dishwater (BLAH),

34 Snap (click) endlessly (k) (‘click’ without ‘k’ = CLIC-) with cast (shed) starting off (s) (‘shed’ without ‘s’ = -HED) (CLICHED) – it feels like it’s not original (CLICHÉD),

35 Take to the bed (LIE DOWN) with fiction (LIE) in Ulster (DOWN) (LIE DOWN),

36 Demonstrated (SHOWED) semi pro (semi pro) sport (= anagram indicator) (semi pro = PROMISE) (SHOWED PROMISE) had obvious potential (SHOWED PROMISE).

2 American city (Los Angeles = -LA-) consumed by a huge (a huge) problem (= anagram indicator) (a huge = HAU-GE) (HAULAGE) that relates to the transportation of goods (HAULAGE),

3 Denies leaving West Indies (‘denies’ leaving ‘West Indies’ = wtis = WITS) with clever types (WITS),

4 Characters taken in by Arnold Mansfield’s (characters taken in by ‘arnOLD MANsfields’ = OLD MAN) father (OLD MAN),

5 Take a job with a major employer (join army = ENLIST) by inlet (inlet) out (= anagram indicator) (inlet = ENLI-T) around Point (compass point South = -S-) (ENLIST),

6 Tube leaving Budapest (‘tube’ leaving ‘Budapest’ = daps = PADS) from the writers’ blocks (PADS),

7 Stiff local (‘stiff’ locally = CADAVER / corpse) drink opened (‘Drink’ opened = -D-) for American (-A-) in underground (cave = CA-VE-) cellar at the foundation (‘cellaR’ at the foundation = -R) (CADAVER),

8 Turns up (SHOWS ONE’S FACE) and removes mask (SHOWS ONE’S FACE),

9 Bows to palmist’s wishes (SHOWS ONE’S HAND) and exposes tactics (SHOWS ONE’S HAND),

14 Persecutor dismisses our (‘persecutor’ dismisses ‘our’ = persect = RESPECT) high opinion of someone else (RESPECT),

16 Some basil guacamole served up (= reverse indicator) (some ‘baSIL GUacamole = silgu = UGLIS) with fruits (UGLIS),

18 NHS ad (NHS ad) agitated (= anagram indicator) (NHS ad = HANDS) workers (HANDS),

20 What you might do if you were 24 down (EAT if you were ‘peckish) in Down? (down/consume = EAT),

21 Characters raised (= reverse indicator) in Borneo happy (characters in ‘bornEO Happy’  = eoh = HOE) to work in the garden (HOE),

24 Hungary (Hungary), it’s said (= homophone indicator) (‘Hungary’ = ‘hungry’ = PECKISH), is eager have their cake and eat it perhaps (PECKISH),

26 Makes a lot of noise about something (BELLOWS) that’s fanning the flames (BELLOWS),

27 Area (A-) where in France (‘where’ in France = -OU-) to find father (-DAD) (AOUDAD) producing sheep from North Africa (Barbary sheep = AOUDAD),

28 William (William TELL-) Ward  (hospital ward = -ER) (TELLER) is employed by the bank (TELLER),

32 Starting for all sides today (SHOW on all sides of today’s grid) to put on a display (SHOW),

33 No sense in messenger (no ‘sense’ in ‘messenger’ = mger = GERM) offering the start of an idea (GERM of an idea).