Crosaire No 17697 by Crossheir – Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

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1 Opens diner, eatery (opens 'Diner Eatery' = DE-), outlet (-DUCT) (DEDUCT) and takeaway (take away = DEDUCT),

4 It’s weird (ODD) to crawl out of bed (get up = GETUP) (ODD GETUP) in strange robes (ODD GETUP),

9 Curtis (Curtis) Rock (= anagram indicator) (Curtis = RUSTIC) from the sticks (RUSTIC),

10 Problematic (= anagram indicator) satire (satire = AS IT -RE) about you and I (WE-) (AS IT WERE), in a manner of speaking (AS IT WERE)


12 Pass (COL-) law (-CAN-ON) covering nutrition primarily (‘Nutrition’ primarily = -N-) (COLCANNON) for the Irish consumers to take in (COLCANNON),

13 Some revolutionary (= reverse indicator) formula sanctioned (some ‘formuLA SANctioned’ = lasan = NASAL) for type of spray (NASAL spray),

14 A job for a snoop (LETTER OPENER) in 19 down (‘letter’ = LETTER) for Frank (OPEN-) Ward (-ER) (LETTER OPENER),

18 Heads for Royal (heads ‘For Royal’ = -FR-) Meeting? Old (-O-) horse (-GG-) consumed by jumping (leaping = LEAP-ING) (LEAP FROGGING) game that appeals to childish types in The Spring! (LEAPFROGGING),

21 Divorcee (EX-) picks up (= reverse indicator) crafty type (art = -TRA) (EXTRA) of actor – the type who has nothing to say for himself! (an EXTRA),

22 Artist (TATTOOIST) in tasteless clothes (TAT-) is also (-TOO-) the earliest to arrive (first = 1st = -IST) (TATTOOIST),

24 Audition (TEST) leading thespians (leading ‘Thespians’ = T-) ahead of unit (ahead of ‘Unit’ = -U-) going to Belgium (-BE) (TEST TUBE) – and in that, you will find your solution perhaps? (TEST TUBE),

25 Raises (= reverse indicator) Lawrence  (TE Lawrence = -ET) and Rolf (Rolf = FLOR-) (FLORET) Broccoli? Bud! (broccoli bud = FLORET),

26 Changes the locks (changes the locks/hair = RESTYLES) for period of relaxation (REST-) around (= reverse indicator) place in Dublin (Ely Place = ely = -YLE-) by first of September (first of ‘September’ = -S) (RESTYLES),

27 Turn up (ATTEND) for a (A-) race (Tourist Trophy race = -TT-) meeting on purpose (goal/aim = -END) (ATTEND).

1 Work on a film (DIRECT-) from first light (first 'Light' = -L-) to end of the day (end of 'daY' = -Y) (DIRECTLY) getting to where you want to get without changing one's lines? (DIRECTLY),

2 Describes abandoned place (DESOLATE) leased to (leased to) criminal (= anagram indicator) (leased to = DESOLATE),

3 Detailed (t) aid to the puzzled (hint) (‘hint’ without ‘t’ = -HIN-) in California (CA = C-A) (CHINA), a large land mass that’s on the Pacific Ocean (CHINA)

5 Local bust (DISINTEGRATE) of Shatter? (DISINTEGRATE),

6 Old bookmaker (German printer who was the first to use a press = Johannes GUTENBERG) – a pioneer among the pressmen and printers? (GUTENBERG),

7 Devout type (THEIST) of teller from the start (‘Teller’ from the start = T-) gets bank job (-HEIST) (THEIST),

8 Something to eat (PAELLA) by a (-A) large (-L-) spring (leap = PAEL-) served up (= reverse indicator) (PAELLA),

11 Poles apart (INCOMPATIBLE) from Irishman (-PAT-) and one (-I-) lawyer (Barrister at Law = -BL-) taken in by earnings (earnings/ income = INCOM-E) (INCOMPATIBLE) (INCOMPATIBLE),

15 Worker (-ANT-) from central Ireland (central ‘ireLand’ = -L-) consumed by sad poem (ELEG-Y) (ELEGANTLY) gracefully (ELEGANTLY),

16 File (file = FIL-E) contains unit (-I-) about (= reverse indicator) work (erg = -GRE-) (FILIGREE) – the fine delicate type associated with The Wire (FILIGREE),

17 Disturbed (AGITATED) by advertisement (AD = A-D) about Soldier (-GI-) Museum (-TATE- museum) (AGITATED),

19 Character (LETTER) risked a removal from Kildare Street (‘risked a’ removal from ‘Kildare Street’ = ltreet = LETTER),

20 Assist (assist) Whip (= anagram indictor) (assist = STASIS) in period of inactivity (STASIS),

23 Metalworker lays down marker (‘metalworker’ lays down ‘marker’ = etlwo = OWLET) to young highflyer (OWLET).