Crosaire No 17641 by Crossheir – Saturday, July 31st, 2021

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1 Swindled (taken = TAKE N-) for cash once (cash once), criminal (= anagram indicator) (cash once = -O CHANCES) (TAKE NO CHANCES) offers advice never to buy raffle tickets from anyone (TAKE NO CHANCES),

10 A (A-) sheepish type (-RAM-) spies (CIA) review (= reverse indicator) (CIA = -AIC) (ARAMAIC) in a manner of speaking (ARAMAIC),

11 Bananas (MAD-) from country (Eire) cut short (e) (‘Eire’ without ‘e’ = -EIR-) for a (-A) (MADEIRA) cake (MADEIRA cake),

12 The Observer’s (the observers = EYES) content recalled (= reverse indicator) by Jersey entrepreneur (content recalled by ‘jerSEY Entrepreneur’ = seye = EYES),


13 Sadness (BLUES) of lawyer (Barrister at Law  = BL-) getting to sue (sue = -UES) boss (= anagram indicator) (BLUES),

15 Snapshot (take in the film sense = TAKE) of all sides today (TAKE on all sides of today’s grid),

17 Ore removed from rotten (‘ore’ removed from ‘rotten’ = ttn = TNT) explosives (TNT),

19 A number of programmes (SERIAL) to transform (= anagram indicator) Israel (Israel = SERIAL),

21 Going on the tear (spree) without leader of Reformist (lead of ‘Reformist’ = r) (‘spree’ without ‘r’ = SPEE-) Church (-CH) (SPEECH) producing a sermon (SPEECH),

22 Protective cover (BELL JAR) in public house (bar = B- -AR) overlooking the foreign (‘the’ foreigh/Spanish = -EL-) port (port/left = -L-) justifiably opening (‘Justifiably’ opening = J-) (BELL JAR),

23 Sends off unimpressed (‘sends’ off ‘unimpressed’ = uimpre = UMPIRE) by the man in the middle (UMPIRE),

25 In the plot (PEPPER), in gym (PE-), in church (parish priest = -PP-), and in hospital (-ER) (PEPPER),

27 Friend (PAL) to a fair amount of (half) those in 27 down (half of ‘PALlet’ = PAL),

29 Hope (WISH) of those coming off both sides of the Windrush (both sides of the ‘WIndruSH’ = WISH),

30 Earnings (TAKES) from 15 across (‘take’ = TAKE-) is close to ridiculous (close to ‘ridiculouS’ = -S) (TAKES),

31 Kava from Slovakia (‘Kava’ from ‘Slovakia’ = sloi = SOIL) perhaps has a peaty disposition (SOIL),

34 Writing (from the 3Rs = -R-) in Latvia (Latvia) adapted (= anagram indicator) (Latvia = T-AVAIL) (TRAVAIL) by hard work (TRAVAIL),

35 Frugal (SPARTAN) crafty type (-ART-) in The Bridge (cross/span = SP-AN) (SPARTAN),

36 What’s the body to do with the red stuff (blood)? Presumably (TAKE IT TO HEART), handle badly on a personal, critical level! (TAKE IT TO HEART).

2 Is not getting paid (AMATEUR) by a (A-) mature (mature = -MATEUR) model (= anagram indicator) (mature = -MATEUR) (AMATEUR),

3 Test (EXAM) of bank’s expansion team (banks ‘EXpansion teAM’ = EXAM),

4 The black stuff perhaps (OCCULT) is least taken from coal scuttle? (‘least’ taken from ‘coal scuttle’ = cocutl = OCCULT),

5 All the same, empties ales (‘all the same’, empties/without ‘ales’ = ltheam = HAMLET) from small village (HAMLET),

6 Meeting point (NODE) up (= reverse indicator) in Slieve Donard (up in ‘slievE DONard’  = edon = NODE),

7 Meatier (meatier) stews (= anagram indicator) (meatier = EMIRATE) from Muslim lands (EMIRATE),

8 Kidnap children (TAKE ISSUE) and women in the house for starters? (‘Women In The House’ for starters = WITH) (TAKE WITH) Don’t agree this is the case! (TAKE ISSUE WITH),

9 Don’t move even an inch (TAKE A HARD LINE) for Kate (Kate = TAKE) Cook (= anagram indicator) from a (A) tough (HARD) bar (LINE) (TAKE A HARD LINE),

14 Reveal (UNCLOAK) auntie’s partner (uncle) clipped (e) (‘uncle’ without ‘e’ = UNCL-) one of those in the forest (-OAK) (UNCLOAK),

16 Stuck in a wicker basket, picked up (= reverse indicator) (stuck in a ‘wickER BASket’ = erbas = SABRE) and used for fencing (SABRE),

18 Bruce leaves spruce beer (‘Bruce’ leaves ‘spruce beer’ = spree = SPREE) for indulgent outing  (SPREE),

20 Part of reflective (= reverse indicator) trace element (part of reflective ‘tracE ELement’ = eel = LEE) running through cork (River LEE running through Cork),

21 Clears up, removing ulcer (‘clears up’ removing ‘ulcer’ = asp = SAP) and liquid that circulates in the vascular system (SAP),

24 A fair amount of (half of) herb (sage) (‘half of ‘SAge’ = -SA-) in Israeli couscous, for one (pasta = PAS-TA) (PASSATA), made with sieved tomatoes (PASSATA),

26 Wizard (Potter = P-OTTER) welcomes large (-L-) (PLOTTER) member of a cabal (PLOTTER),

27 Secretary (PA-) left (-L-) accommodation (-LET) (PALLET) with makeshift bed (PALLET),

28 Frees (LETS GO) some dogs televangelist (some ‘dOGS TELevangelist’ = ogstel) caught and raised (= reverse indicator)? (ogstel = LETS GO),

32 Foundation (BASE) embraced by suburb as expected (embraced by ‘suburB AS Expected’ = BASE),

33 Up to leaving cup of tea (‘up to’ leaving ‘cup of tea’ = cfea = CAFÉ) in coffee shop (CAFÉ).