Crosaire No 17635 by Crossheir – Saturday, July 24th, 2021

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1 They make light work (POWER STATIONS) of witch's brews (potions = PO- -TIONS) including spring (= anagram indicator) waters (waters = -WER STA-) (POWER STATIONS).

10 Torch is (torch is) lost (= anagram indicator) (torch is = OSTRICH) by one of those with head in the sand (OSTRICH),

11 Advice to move on (LET IT GO), as didn’t put a hand out for the bus (LET IT GO),

12 Stuffed chicken leg delivered in a roundabout way (stuffed ‘chicken lEG DElivered’ in a roundabout way = egde) (= reverse indicator) (egde = EDGE) as a side (EDGE),


13 Juice (POWER) for all sides today (POWER on all sides of today’s grid),

15 Yearn for (ACHE for) bit of Gouda Cheese (bit of ‘goudA CHEese’ = ACHE),

17 Showed the way (LED) around (= reverse indicator) what’s in Pays de la Loire (what’s in ‘pays DE La loire’ = del = LED),

19 Burdensome without more (‘burdensome’ without ‘more’ = budnse = SUNBED) from lounger (SUNBED),

21 Those types on the estate (LANDED gentry/those types on estate) came down to earth with a bump perhaps (LANDED),

22 Caution (caution) butcher (= anagram indicator) (caution = AUCTION) for selling lots (AUCTION),

23 Revolutionary (= reverse indicator) Circle (-O) and School (-S-) split by old leader (Duce = -E-CUD-) (ESCUDO) in old capital (old capital/money = ESCUDO),

25 What the clown needs (WIG-) for broken (= anagram indicator) leg (leg = -GLE) (WIGGLE) and twitch (WIGGLE),

27 Some nerve tissue (some ‘nerVE Tissue’ = VET) from old hand (old hand/veteran = VET),

29 It’s about (RE-) to end malpractice (end ‘malpracticE’ = -E-) ahead of failings (a head of ‘Failings’ = -F) (REEF), as it’s a danger to shipping (REEF),

30 Convey (CARRY) to Bellow (cry = C-RY) concealing note (music note -A-) on writing (from the 3Rs = -R-) (CARRY),

31 A rum from Bermuda’s (‘a rum’ from ‘Bermudas’ = beds = BEDS) kings and queens? (BEDS),

34 In a state (NERVOUS), Nurse (nurse) Batty (= anagram indicator) (nurse = NER-US) welcomes midwives (mid ‘wiVes’ = -V-) and leading obstetrician (leading ‘Obstetrician = -O-) (NERVOUS),

35 Action (action) novel (= anagram indicator) (action = OC-ITAN) set around castle (-C-) (OCCITAN) in old part of Provence, it’s said? (OCCITAN language)

36 Local beef (local ‘beef’ = POWER-) from Takeaway (take away = -LESS-) on headland (-NESS) (POWERLESSNESS) in a state that’s defenceless (POWERLESSNESS).

2 Half the receipts (take) (half of 'TAke' = -TA-) in Congo (Congo) boxing (=
anagram indicator) (Congo = OC-GON) ring? (OCTAGON = ring from Mixed Martial Arts/ MMA),

3 Arab ruler (EMIR) taken in by upsetting (= reverse indicator) experiment (in ‘expeRIMEnt’ = rime = EMIR),

4 Psychologist dismisses pigsty (‘psychologist’ dismisses ‘pigsty’ = scholo = SCHOOL) and in that there’s more than one lesson? (SCHOOL)

5 Teamed up with (ALLIED) yob from Old Bailey (‘yob’ from ‘Old Bailey’ = ldaile = ALLIED),

6 Tiny amount (IOTA) of cases dropped by associate (‘cases’ dropped by ‘associate’ = aoit = IOTA),

7 Became aware of (NOTICED) gangster (Don) turning up (= reversal indicator) (Don = NO-D) around Centre splitting (centre ‘spliTting’= -T-) diamonds (-ICE-) (NOTICED),

8 Taps into the energy that’s electric (POWER S-) coming from golf supporter (-TEE-) in Waterford (-RING) (POWER STEERING) making it easier to drive (POWER STEERING),

9 Dealing with a habit by looking authoritative (POWER DRESSING) – presumably, this is wearing others down? (POWER DRESSING),

14 A fair amount of (half of) drugs (weed) (‘half of ‘WEed’ = WE-) for heart (heart) problems (= anagram indicator) (heart = -ATHER) (WEATHER) or various conditions (WEATHER),

16 Principal (HEAD-) from yard (-Y) (HEADY) on top of the world? (HEADY),

18 Rod comes off main road (‘Rod’ comes off ‘main road’ = maina = MANIA) with wild enthusiasm (MANIA),

20 The Odd Douro (the odd letters of ‘DoUrO’ = DUO) Couple (DUO),

21 Turns up (= reverse indicator) in The Cotswolds (in ‘the cotsWOLds’ = wol = LOW) needing a refill (LOW),

24 Good luck (good bye = CHEERIO) to choir (choir) performing (= anagram indicator) (choir = CH-RIO) around middle of the week (middle of the ‘wEEk’ = -EE-) (CHEERIO),

26 Ghost (ghost = GH-TOS) novel (= anagram indicator) about friendly group (set) that needs no introduction (s) (‘set’ without ‘s’  = -ET-) (GHETTOS) to run down areas (GHETTOS),

27 Subordinate (VASSAL) hauls up (= reverse indicator) young woman (lass = -SSAL) with a (-A-) sign (V- sign) (VASSAL),

28 Serve up (= reversal indicator) endless (end ‘lesS’ = -S) duck (-O-) in wine (port = TRO-P-)  (TROOPS) for those on the warpath (TROOPS),

32 Raised (= reverse indicator) close to Tralee (close to ‘traleE’  = -E) by the first of nine (first of ‘Nine’ = -N-) from Australia (Oz = ZO-) (ZONE) in a particular area (ZONE),

33 Quick study (SCAN) of navel tactics on the banks in retrospect (= reverse indicator) (‘NAvel tactiCS’ on the banks in retrospect  = nacs = SCAN).