Crosaire No 17599 by Crossheir – Saturday, June 12th, 2021

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1 Presumably, this lot taking the plunge are working under a lot of pressure (DEEP-SEA DIVERS) looking for the ocean liner? (DEEP-SEA DIVERS),

10 Throw one’s hat in the ring (ENTERED) with rebel (= anagram indicator) teen (teen = ENTE-) and Scarlett (Scarlett) on the radio (= homophone indicator) (‘Scarlett’ = ‘scarlet’ = -RED) (ENTERED),

11 Predict (FORESEE) you’d hear that, of course (warning on golf course = FORE-), from spy (-SEE) (FORESEE),

12 Speak up (PRAY), as there is no tripe in Tipperary (there is no ‘tripe’ in ‘Tipperary’ = pary = PRAY),


13 Posed a question (ASKED) to a desk (a desk) jockey (= anagram indicator) (a desk = ASKED),

15 From the top to the bottom (DEEP) on all sides today (DEEP on all sides of today’s grid),

17 Music lover (TED) caught up (= reverse indicator) in coup d’état (in ‘coup D ÉTat’ = det = TED),

19 Continues to ignore sun (‘continues’ to ignore ‘sun’ = contie = NOTICE) warning (NOTICE),

21 Theatrical worker (DOCTOR) or coordinator fails to get on air (‘coordinator’ fails to get/without ‘on air’ = cordto = DOCTOR),

22 Beastly type (RACCOON) chews (= anagram indicator) acorn (acorn = RAC- ON) that’s firm (company = -CO-) in the middle (RACCOON),

23 More spicy (HOTTER) haddock starter (‘Haddock’ starter = H-) for a fish-eating swimmer (-OTTER)? (HOTTER),

25 It’s part of the plot (CASSIA tree/shrub) in Isaac’s (Isaacs) novel (= anagram indicator) (Isaacs = CASSIA),

27 Local (PUB) intros to pop-up book (intros to ‘Pop Up Book’ = PUB),

29 Contemplates (muses) cutting 1000 (m) (‘muses’ without ‘m’  = USES) functions (USES),

30 Jack (J-) goes up (= reverse indicator) wine valley (Napa Valley = napa = -APAN) (JAPAN) in the Far East (JAPAN),

31 Ignore those characters leaving Neighbours (‘ignore’ those characters leaving ‘neighbours’ = hbus = BUSH) in the Australian outback (BUSH),

34 Most of those in 23 across (most of ‘hotter’ = HOTTE-) on street (-ST) (HOTTEST) closest to The Great Fire of London, for instance (HOTTEST),

35 Genius (brain = BR-AIN) admits it (-IT-) (BRITAIN) is what our neighbours are expected to live on (BRITAIN),

36 In a profound way (DEEPLY), the sense (TOUCH-) is, writer (-ED) (DEEPLY TOUCHED) is emotionally affected (DEEPLY TOUCHED).

2 Cutting (EXTRACT) from site (site) report (= homophone indicator) ('site' = 'cite' = EXTRACT),

3 River (River PO-) bank rising (bank ‘Rising = -R-) on weekend (‘weeK’ end = -K) (PORK) – it’s typical of what you get around Tamworth (pig)? (Tamworth pig = PORK),

4 Maid from Middle East (‘maid’ from ‘Middle East’ = dleest = ELDEST) is the first to arrive (ELDEST),

5 Openly refused to obey (DEFIED) if (if) reversed (= reverse indicator)? (if = -FI-) Indeed! (‘FI’ in/inside ‘deed’ = DE-ED) (DEFIED),

6 From time to time alter (VARY) what’s served up (= reverse indicator) in meaty ravioli (in ‘meatY RAVioli’ = yrav = VARY),

7 Persecutor dismisses our (‘persecutor’ dismisses ‘our’ = persect = RESPECT) high opinion of someone else (RESPECT),

8 Entertaining the idea (DEEP IN THOUGHT) of wool-gathering (DEEP IN THOUGHT),

9 Thoughtful (DEEP) brother (BR-) taking courses (eating = -EAT-ING) around fashion centre (‘fasHion’ centre = -H-) (DEEP BREATHING) produced pants (DEEP BREATHING),

14 Sailing boat (KETCH-) you (you) hear (= homophone indicator) (‘you’ = ‘u’ = -U-) found midshipman (mid ‘shiPman’ = -P) (KETCHUP) with relish (KETCHUP),

16 Some fertiliser categorised (some ‘fertiliSER CAtegorised’ = serca) over (= reverse indicator) (serca = ACRES) in the farmland units (ACRES),

18 System for detecting the pulses (SONAR) found in Ferguson, Arkansas (in ‘ferguSON ARkansas’ = SONAR),

20 Listening device (EAR) belonging to Israeli (belonging to ‘isRAEli’ = rae) revolutionary (= reverse indicator) (rae = EAR),

21 Small paper (small paper/document = DOC) round (= reverse indicator) ­– that’s a joke! (cod = DOC),

24 Tear the (tear the) dress (= anagram indicator) (tear the = THEATRE) in the gate (The Gate THEATRE),

26 Herb (sage = SA-GE) goes around America (-USA-) (SAUSAGE) in banger (SAUSAGE),

27 Danish (Danish PASTRY) model (= anagram indicator) parts (parts = PASTR-) with Yankee (-Y) (PASTRY),

28 Angry (= anagram indicator) mob (mob = -MBO-) following (= position indicator) graduate (BA-) from Oxford (-O) (BAMBOO) for feeding the pandas (BAMBOO),

32 Half of One Direction (half of ‘WEst’ = WE-) record (Extended Play record = -EP) (WEEP) lament (WEEP),

33 An element (ZINC) from Ulster (NI = -IN-) found in Czech Republic (CZ) retiring (= reverse indicator) (CZ = Z-C) (ZINC).