Crosaire No 17589 by Crossheir – Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

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1 Officials on track (TIMERS) to open 14 across (to open 'time exposure' = TIME-) with bank's resources (banks 'ResourceS' = -RS) (TIMERS),

4 Laid at the door of (ASCRIBED) a (A-) man of letters (-SCRIBE-) opening debate (open ‘Debate’ = -D) (ASCRIBED),

9 Eat away at (ABRADE) a bread (a bread) roll (= anagram indicator)? (a bread = ABRADE),

10 Old (O-) party (Fianna Fáil = -FF-) mastermind (-STAGE) (OFFSTAGE) in the wings (OFFSTAGE),


12 Popular  (IN-) car (-ROVER-) in race (Tourist Trophy race = TT = -T-T) (INTROVERT) produced by one happy with a low profile (INTROVERT),

13 Lawyer (BL-) in (-IN-) Government (-G-) (BLING) is worn out by local pretentious types (BLING),

14 This is not a snapshot (TIME EXPOSURE) of prison term (TIME) for public nudity perhaps (EXPOSURE) (TIME EXPOSURE),

18 Papers’ (papers = IDENTITY CARD) name (IDENTITY) for Number 10? (playing CARD) (IDENTITY CARD),

21 Long-legged bird (HERON) with white hat (‘white hat’ = HERO-) from Nags Head  (from ‘Nags’ head  = -N) (HERON),

22 Calls (calls/conversations = EXCHANGES) one-time lovers (Exs = EX-S) about the old coppers (old coppers/money coins = -CHANGE-) (EXCHANGES),

24 Orchestral leader (‘Orchestral’ leader = O-) not on tape (-LIVE) is required by The Cars (OIL) (OLIVE OIL) – and that’s coming from The Press in Italy (OLIVE OIL)

25 Cure is (cure is) useless (= anagram indicator) (cure is = CRUISE) for those travelling overseas (CRUISE),

26 Caught (ENMESHED) in hotel (-H-) surrounded by wild (= anagram indicator) demesne (demesne = ENMES-ED) (ENMESHED),

27 Her companion (H-IS) admits a (-A-) horse (-GG-) (HAGGIS) is laid out for Ascot? (is laid out for ‘Ascot’ =  ‘a Scot’ = HAGGIS).

1 Let rip (TEAR INTO) in local Zoom (local 'zoom' = speed/whizz = -TEAR) for teachers group (Irish National Teachers' Organisation = INTO) (TEAR INTO),

2 One (-I-) sheepish type (ram) raised (= reverse indicator) (ram = MAR-) by those at the end of 11 down (at the end of ‘response time’ = -TIME) (MARITIME) having connections to the sea (MARITIME),

3 Role models can’t get smell (‘role models’ can’t get ‘smell’ = roeod = RODEO) from cattle round-up (RODEO),

5 Fay West’s (Fay West’s-) problem (= anagram indicator) (Fay West’s = SAFETY SW-) might be caused by a skin irritation (-ITCH) (SAFETY SWITCH) with this currently in place – you shouldn’t be shocked (SAFETY SWITCH),

6 Colourful type (RASPBERRY) is one of those in a jam (RASPBERRY jam),

7 A dismissive order (BEAT IT) in Belgium (BE-) from a (-A-) flighty type (bird = tit = -T IT) (BEAT IT),

8 Director general (DG = D-G-) welcomes the German (‘the’ German = der) back (= reverse indicator) (der = -RED-) from Spain (-E) (DREDGE) to do some work on ocean liner? (to do some work on ocean liner/dredge the bottom = DREDGE),

11 Presumably someone clocked this (RESPONSE TIME) might be how long it took the congregation to reply to priest (RESPONSE TIME),

15 Exposes to injury (ENDANGERS) in nettles (-ANGERS) behind (= position indicator) border (END-) (ENDANGERS),

16 Seeing the funny side (LAUGHING) of local criminal (local ‘criminal’ = lag = LA-G) admitting that’s awful (that’s awful = -UGH-) popular (-IN-) (LAUGHING),

17 Heading off (b) from Hull (hull/frame = ‘body’ without ‘b’ = ODY-) on ship (-SS-) going from England (-E-) to America (-US) (ODYSSEUS) with Greek hero (ODYSSEUS),

19 State (= homophone indicator) caught off guard (‘thrown’ = ‘THRONE’) by what the British prince, for example, might want to get his hands on (THRONE),

20 It’s self-evident (TRUISM) this describes what’s genuine in fact (TRUISM describes ‘true’ perhaps),

23 Loses the head (p) on drink (‘port’ without ‘p’ = -ORT-) and goes into Alcoholics Anonymous (A-A) (AORTA) – will the cardiologist be able to handle it? (AORTA).