Crosaire No 17578 by Crossheir – Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

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8 See 24 across (FINGER),

9 Spud’s (spuds = ROOT CROP) source (ROOT) cut short (CROP) (ROOT CROP),

10 Individuals (ONES) in India abandoned by Indonesia (‘India’ abandoned by ‘Indonesia’ = ones = ONES),

11 Complex (CONVOLUTED), new (= anagram indicator) novel out (novel out = -ONVOLUTE-) in DC (DC) for review (= reverse indicator) (DC = C-D) (CONVOLUTED),


12 First (1st = IST-) hotel (-H-) found on motorway (-MI) (ISTHMI) with connective land masses (ISTHMI),

14 Time (MIDNIGHT) hiding (hiding) out (= anagram indicator) in Montana (hiding = -IDNIGH-) (MT = M-T) (MIDNIGHT),

15 23 down (‘burn’ = BURN) and 10 across (‘ones’ = ONE’S) and 8 across (‘finger’ = FINGER-) at Society (-S) (BURN ONE’S FINGERS) suffer financial loss (BURN ONE’S FINGERS),

18 Relative (S- -ON) admits setting up (= reversal indicator) first alternative (first ‘Alternative’ = -A-) commercial Internet site (eBay = -YA BE-) (SOYA BEAN) for source of protein (SOYA BEAN),

20 Caught (C-) with lucky right (‘luckY’ right = -Y-) in boxing venue (ring = -R-ING) (CRYING) leading to howling (CRYING),

22 Should you give this to a coward (white FEATHER = traditional symbol for cowardice) in the plot (BED) (FEATHER BED) in Down? I’d sleep on it! (down/feathers for FEATHER BED),

24 & 8 across: Cod covered in breadcrumbs and fried (FISH FINGER) with fresh fig in (fresh fig in) batter (= anagram indicator) (fresh fig in = FISH FINGER),

25 Religious type (JEW-) takes head off (t) bank employer (‘teller’ without ‘t’ = -ELLER) (JEWELLER) for working with The Stones (JEWELLER),

26 Hesitantly drops this (‘hesitantly’ drops ‘this’ = eantly = NEATLY) in an orderly fashion! (NEATLY).

1 A sting (a sting) arranged (= anagram indicator) (a sting = GIANTS) by larger-than-life figures (GIANTS),

2 Beggars missing bar (‘beggars’ missing ‘bar’ = eggs = EGGS) with range of early birds? (EGGS),

3 Lies (F-ICTION) about run (-R-) (FRICTION) of bad blood (FRICTION),

4 One of the boys (WREN boys) or one of the birds? (WREN),

5 It’s useless (NO GOOD) describing Old Nick (NO GOOD),

6 Allegedly attributing liability perhaps (ACCUSINGLY) to USA Cycling (USA Cycling) Tour (= anagram indicator) (USA Cycling = ACCUSINGLY),

7 Cheek by jowl (TOGETHER) in concert (TOGETHER),

13 One produces 2 down (HEN produces ‘eggs’) for those celebrating (PARTIES) (HEN PARTIES) gatherings ahead of those joining The Union (HEN PARTIES),

14 A jar (MASON jar) with close relatives? (ma + son = MASON),

16 Locked (UNOPENED) university (U-) broadcasting (on) review (= reverse indicator) (on = -NO-) by couple of writers (pen + ed = -PENED) (UNOPENED),

17 Most of the drink (most of the ‘cider’  = -CIDE-) in bar (IN-N-) is initially tested (initially ‘Tested’  = -T) (INCIDENT) for event (INCIDENT),

19 Regularly (EVENLY) found in flat (EVEN-) near lake (-L-) close to Galway (close to ‘galwaY’ = -Y) (EVENLY),

21 Get comfy (NESTLE) in tree house (NEST-) with endless (t) accommodation (let) (‘let’ without ‘t’ = -LE) (NESTLE),

23 Hates leaving sunbather (‘hates’ leaving ‘sunbather’ = unbr = BURN) to soak up too much of the sun (BURN),

24 One of The Commotions (FLAP) knocks back (= reversal indicator) Bud (pal = -LAP) fast (F-) (FLAP).