Crosaire No 17493 by Crossheir – Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

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1 Stage-managed without means – a (‘stage-managed’ without ‘means a’ = tgaged = GADGET) labour-saving innovative device (GADGET),

4 Takes out (OFFLOADS) to party (Fianna Fáil  = -FF-) after (= position indicator) opening outlet (opening ‘Outlet’ = O-) and taking on a lot (a lot = -LOADS) (OFFLOADS),

9 Danish (Danish PASTRY) model (= anagram indicator) parts (parts = PASTR-) with Yankee (-Y) (PASTRY),

10 Two different holidays (leave + out = LEAVE OUT) to forget (LEAVE OUT),


12 Completely reserved (BOOKED OUT) Dubliners, for example (James Joyce’s Dubliners = BOOK-), employed by the paper (-ED) at the end of 10 across (end of ‘leave out’ = OUT) (BOOKED OUT),

13 A sad feeling (downer) coming off the summit (d) (‘downer’ without ‘d’ = OWNER) with title-holder (OWNER),

14 A chap that’s never in the public eye (INVISIBLE MAN) won’t leave a trace of his movements (INVISIBLE MAN),

18 Sounds like (= homophone indicator) principal (‘principal’ = ‘principle’) favouring those with brawn (MIGHT IS RIGHT) in theory? It lets those holding the birch to go unchallenged! (MIGHT IS RIGHT),

21 Most coming from megastore (‘most’ coming from ‘megastore’ = egare = AGREE) of the same opinion (AGREE),

22 Working in the catering college presumably (LECTURING) with the French (‘the’ French = LE-) saving the bacon (curing = -C-URING) around bone (T bone = -T-) (LECTURING),

24 Regular publications (WEEKLIES) producing unconvincing (weak) reports (= homophone indicator) (‘weak’ = ‘week’ = WEEK-) on fiction (-LIES) (WEEKLIES),

25 No art in satirical (no ‘art’ in ‘satirical’ = siical = SILICA) piece coming from The Stones perhaps (SILICA),

26 Precious stuff (GOLD) produced by chippy (DUST) (GOLD DUST) like hen’s teeth (like hen’s teeth / GOLD DUST),

27 Turns up, the (the) heartless (h) (‘the’ without ‘h’ = te = -ET) legend (‘leG’ end = -G-) found in American city (NYC = CY-N-) (CYGNET) produced a flighty youngster who enjoys swimming (CYGNET).


1 Strange (= anagram indicator) logic (logic = GO -LIC) going over heads of people upholding balance (heads of ‘People Upholding Balance’ = PUB-) (GO PUBLIC) to issue a statement (GO PUBLIC),

2 Detectives (DIs = DIS-) work out (-SOLVE) (DISSOLVE) break-up? (DISSOLVE),

3 Hair-raising (EERIE) caps removed from earpieces? (‘caps’ removed from ‘earpieces’ = eriee = EERIE),

5 What you might experience with those tight Brogans? (FEEL THE PINCH with those tight brogan shoes) Perceive knowledge gained over time of financial hardship! (FEEL THE PINCH),

6 Exist without anything else other than Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Argon mostly? (Live on the constituents of ‘air’/ Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Argon mostly = LIVE ON AIR) It’s not recorded! (LIVE ON AIR),

7 Nuts (ACORNS) for the origins of The Oaks (ACORNS),

8 Tries a (tries a) soup (= anagram indicator) (tries a = SATIRE) produced by Swift, for one (produced by Jonathan Swift, for one SATIRE),

11 Doctor (-MB), is that woman (SHE-) going with lieutenant (-LT-) occupying South Africans (Boers = BO- -ERS) (BOMB SHELTERS) in secure locations during a raid? (BOMB SHELTERS),

15 Endless (end ‘lesS’ = S-) Trim (s) spouses (wives) (‘wives’ without ‘s’ = -WIVE-) from backward (= reverse indicator) secluded valley (dell = -LLED) (SWIVELLED) did an about turn (SWIVELLED),

16 One getting fired (IGNITION) for scrubbing Alps from oil paintings (scrubbing ‘Alps’ from ‘oil paintings’ = oiinting = IGNITION),

17 Still (STAGNANT), it’s a party (STAG- party) for mum’s mum (-NAN-) at the Central Hotel (central ‘hoTel’ = -T) (STAGNANT),

19 Skint from water-skiing (‘skint’ from ‘water-skiing’ = waerig = EARWIG) – that’s a bug (EARWIG),

20 Adore (adore) novel (= anagram indicator) (adore = ORDEA-) following K (-L is following ‘k’) (ORDEAL) in The Trial (ORDEAL),

23 Scotland is not part of dysfunctional (‘Scotland is not part of ‘dysfunctional’ = yfuni = UNIFY) link-up (UNIFY).