Crosaire No 17409 by Crossheir – Saturday, October 31st, 2020

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1 Stagger (FALL-) with popular (-IN-) drink (gin = -G IN), hitting soft spot (soft spot = LOVE) (FALLING IN LOVE) going head over heels? (FALLING IN LOVE),

10 The record-holder (ARCHIVE) by the middle of March? (middle of ‘mARCh’ = ARC-) The Beekeeper! (-HIVE) (ARCHIVE),

11 Press agency (Press Association = PA = PA) covers a (-A-) local snitch (-TELL-) (PATELLA) – the one on his knees (kneecap = PATELLA),

12 Bound (LEAP) to console a patient in part (‘consoLE A Patient’ in part = LEAP),


13 Female (-F-) in river (Nile) swimming backwards (= reversal indicator) (Nile = EL-IN) (ELFIN) can be rather delicate (ELFIN),

15 Is not short (TALL) of covering up parental leave (covering up ‘parenTAL Leave’ = TALL),

17 Listening device (EAR) belonging to Israeli (belonging to ‘isRAEli’ = rae) revolutionary (= reverse indicator) (rae = EAR),

19 Musical selection (NUMBER) similar to one of those in 22 across (NUMBER is similar to ‘billion’),

21 Understand (TAKE IN) steel (“steel” = “steal” = TAKE) report (= homophone indicator) has clerical error (sin) that comes with tip-off (s) (‘sin’ without ‘s’ = IN) (TAKE IN),

22 A follower (‘a’ follower = B-) in a bad way (-ILL-) is charged (-ION) (BILLION) for an enormous amount (BILLION),

23 Bloodthirsty parasite (BEDBUG) employed by those setting honeytrap perhaps (BEDBUG),

25 A (-A) shadow (dog = -GOD-) agency (Associated Press = AP = PA-) turns over (= reverse indicator) (PAGODA) temple (PAGODA),

27 Small insect (ANT) and eelworm coming out of watermelon (‘eelworm’ coming out of ‘watermelon’ = atn = ANT),

29 High explosive shell found on the borders of (‘HIgh explosive sheLL’ found on the borders = HILL) of Dublin terrace (HILL at Croke Park),

30 One (I) cultural association (GAA) mostly (a) (‘GAA’ without ‘a’ = -GA-) in credit (C-R) (CIGAR) in The Big Smoke (CIGAR),

31 Part of uplifting (= reverse indicator) still image (part of reflective ‘stiLL IMage’ = llim = MILL) produced by Donnybrook local (donnybrook/uproar = MILL),

34 Truce from undemocratic (‘truce’ from ‘undemocratic’ = ndmocai = NOMADIC) type living the life of The Wanderer (NOMADIC),

35 Unpredictable (= anagram indicator) disease (disease = SEASIDE) from On the Waterfront (SEASIDE),

36 Going down (FALLING) for the papers (pages/sheets =  LEAVES) (FALLING LEAVES) – the types picked up by the gardeners interested in composting (FALLING LEAVES).


2 Praise (ACCLAIM) for a couple of colleges (C+C = -CC-) in Alabama (AL = A-L-) getting the point of the exercise (-AIM) (ACCLAIM),

3 Brought up (= reversal indicator) in Sharia law (in ‘shaRIA Law’ = rial = LAIR) in refuge (LAIR),

4 Taunt (NEEDLE) smart set abandoning elder statesmen (‘smart set’ abandoning ‘elder statesmen’ = eldeen = NEEDLE),

5 Undermine (IMPAIR) Priam (Priam) raving (= anagram indicator) (Priam = IMPA-R) about Troilus at The Centre (‘troIlus’ at the centre = -I-) (IMPAIR),

6 Section of sweet alyssums (section of ‘sweET ALyssums’ = etal = LATE) dug up (= reverse indicator) could be dead (LATE),

7 Wild (= anagram indicator) lovage (lovage = VOL-AGE) around square (-T -square) (VOLTAGE) is showing current potential (VOLTAGE),

8 A (-A-) novice (learner = -L-) consumed by love affair (fling = F-LING) is after (BEHIND) (FALLING BEHIND) getting into arrears (FALLING BEHIND),

9 It’s dropping off (FALLING ASLEEP) in Autumn, in New York (FALL-), in (-IN-) Government (-G), and in Dreamland (ASLEEP) (FALLING ASLEEP),

14 It’s declining (FALLING) on all sides today (FALLING on all sides of today’s grid),

16 Entrance (DEBUT) is outstanding (debt = DEB-T) outside university (-U-) (DEBUT),

18 One of those grand types coming into Dublin (Grand CANAL) seen close to Rialto? (CANAL seen close to Rialto in Venice),

20 Doctor (RIG) in Balbriggan (in ‘balbRIGgan’ = RIG),

21 Concealed by upsetting (= reverse indicator) nepotism (concealed by upsetting ‘nePOTism’ = pot = TOP) in Cork (cork/lid = TOP),

24 Upsets (= reversal indicator) a (-A) couple of Frenchmen (-MM-) on last plane (last ‘planE’ = -E-) to Cork (lid = DIL-) (DILEMMA) with difficult choice (DILEMMA),

26 Opening (ORIFICE) starter of (starter ‘Of’ = O-) ink-fish heads (‘Ink Fish’ heads = -IF-) surrounded by pilaf (rice = -R-ICE) (ORIFICE),

27 Corinthian has no hint (‘corinthian’ has no ‘hint’ = corina = AIR CON) this creates a chilling atmosphere (AIR CON),

28 Beanie sports one (beanie hat has a TASSEL) at The Fringe (fringe/bobble = TASSEL),

32 Some unmelodious (some ‘unmeLODIous’ = lodi) rebellious (= reverse indicator) (lodi = IDOL) celebrity (IDOL),

33 Sparkling wine (CAVA) and Calvados sold out (‘Calvados’ ‘sold’ out = cava = CAVA).