Crosaire No 17407 by Crossheir – Thursday, October 29th, 2020

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1 Avoid (BYPASS) fish (bass = B-ASS) swimming around bottom of Treaty (bottom of ‘treatY’ = -Y-) Port (-P-) (BYPASS),

4 From the start of 14 across (the start of ‘German accent’ = GERMAN-) is in charge (in charge = -IC) (GERMANIC) of north central European people (GERMANIC),

9 European (GERMAN) emigrant loses it (‘emigrant’ loses ‘it’ = emgran = GERMAN),

10 Keep back (STAVE OFF) from street (ST-) and avenue (-AVE) and get away (OFF) (STAVE OFF),


12 Sent in the troops (USED FORCE) employed (USED) by company (army company = FORCE) (USED FORCE),

13 Greek letter (DELTA) turns up (= reverse indicator) in upbeat ledger (in ‘upbeAT LEDger’ = atled = DELTA),

14 The stress identified in Berlin Alexanderplatz, for example (GERMAN ACCENT), by 9 across (‘German’ = GERMAN) from current (AC-) capital (capital/money = -CENT) (GERMAN ACCENT),

18 One doing a job in the theatre (STAGE MANAGER) provided leg (STAGE) is attached to one of those in 26 across (one of those ‘managers’ = MANAGER) (STAGE MANAGER),

21 Opening (INTRO) instruction to remove tunics (‘instruction’ to remove ‘tunics’ = inrto = INTRO),

22 Pub (inn = IN N-) order (-O) to pick up? (SENSE) (IN NO SENSE) Definitely not, whatever way you look at it! (IN NO SENSE),

24 Identifies (sees) report (= homophone indicator) (‘sees’ = ‘seas’ = SEA -S) about Puffin (BIRD-) (SEABIRDS) and those in The Penguin Group (the penguin group = SEABIRDS),

25 Harry (HASSLE) lashes (lashes) out (= anagram indicator) (lashes = HASSLE),

26 Coaches (MANAGERS) mare’s (mares = MA-ERS) jockey (= anagram indicator) going around horse (-NAG-) (MANAGERS),

27 Throwaway lines (ASIDES) from The Undertones on stage (ASIDES).


1 Resent (BEGRUDGE), for example (e.g. = -EG-), never-ending (‘neveR’ ending = -R-) shift (budge = B-UDGE) outside (BEGRUDGE),

2 Sow away from tree sparrow (‘sow’ away from ‘tree sparrow’ = treeparr = PARTERRE) in the formal garden (PARTERRE),

3 One of those employed by magician (SCARF used by magician in his act) raises (= reverse indicator) capital in Switzerland (capital/money = Francs), losing nothing at first (‘Nothing’ at first = ‘n’) (‘francs’ without ‘n’ = fracs = SCARF),

5 It’s a small measure (EN-) to ditch (-TRENCH-) worker’s (-MEN-) near square? (-T square) (ENTRENCHMENT) That’s a firmly held view! (ENTRENCHMENT),

6 Attempted to gain control of (MOVED IN ON) director (-D) in Rocky (= anagram indicator) movie? (movie = MOVE- I-) Those at Cannes issued this denial! (Cannes/French ‘no’ = non = -N ON) (MOVED IN ON),

7 Uplifting (= reverse indicator) characters in Mont-Saint-Michel do online (characters in ‘mont-saint-michEL DO ONline’ = eldoon = NOODLE) type of pasta (NOODLE),

8 Fact (fact) generated (= anagram indicator) (fact = CAFT-) by article (-AN) (CAFTAN) goes over the head of the hippy (CAFTAN),

11 Controller of another (ORGAN GRINDER) paper (ORGAN) mill (GRIND-) on both sides of Eiffel Tower on (both sides of ‘Eiffel Tower’ = -ER) (ORGAN GRINDER),

15 What are the bookmakers doing (AUTHORING) telling tales? (AUTHORING),

16 Worried about (AGONISED) sea dog in (sea dog in) trouble (= anagram indicator) (sea dog in = AGONISED),

17 What the shoemaker made (CREEPERS) of Virginia’s relatives (Virginia CREEPERS),

19 The Chinese made a meal of this (DIM SUM) manuscript (MS = -M S-) from university (-U-) found in dark (dim = DI- -M) (DIM SUM),

20 Anxiety (STRAIN) for school (S-) transport down the line (-TRAIN) (STRAIN),

23 Storages release roe (‘storages’ release ‘roe’ = stags = STAGS) deers (STAGS).