Crosaire No 17406 by Crossheir – Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

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8 Tomes from monotheists (‘tomes’ from ‘monotheists’ = onhist = SHINTO) produced in good faith according to the Japanese (SHINTO),

9 Brings to light (UNEARTHS) near (-NEAR-) the (the) dock (dock/remove ‘e’) (‘the’ without ‘e’ = TH-) in America (US = U-S) (UNEARTHS),

10 Passing mention (OBIT) of what’s served up (= reverse indicator) in spaghetti Bolognese (in ‘spaghetTI BOlognese = tibo = OBIT),

11 Ruffian (ROUGH) and judge (GUESS) (ROUGH GUESS) shot in the dark (ROUGH GUESS),


12 Generated (CAUSED) work at The Bar (legal case = CA-SE-) getting to grips with university (-U-) degree (-D) (CAUSED),

14 Sidney (SID-), Earl (-E), Diana, (DI-) Old Bob (‘old bob’ = shilling = -S) and Henry (-H) (SIDE DISH) Rice, for example (SIDE DISH),

15 Rescinded decision (CHANGED ONE’S MIND) to reform (CHANGE-) Mafia leader (Don = -D ON-) taking bearings (East and South = -E’S) from 23 down (‘mind’ = MIND) (CHANGED ONE’S MIND),

18 Completely clean (SPOTLESS) of drugs (-POT-) after (= position indicator) first sentence (first ‘Sentence’ = -S-) for smaller amount (-LESS) (SPOTLESS),

20 Take no notice of (IGNORE) soldier (GI = IG-) giving up (= reverse indicator) on one of the sisters (Barrow, Nore, Sure = The Three Sisters = -NORE) (IGNORE),

22 A fair amount of (half of) the memo (half of ‘meMO’ = MO-) produced by Greek character (17th character in Greek alphabet / rho = -R HO-) consumed by heavy volumes (tomes = -TO -MES) (MOTOR HOMES) – the ones people take on holiday (MOTOR HOMES),

24 Expresses hesitation (-UM-) after (= position indicator) parking (P-) problem initially (‘Problem’ initially = -P) (PUMP) that’s responsible for inflation (PUMP),

25 Society (S-) based in Madrid perhaps (-IBERIAN) (SIBERIAN) for one cool Russian (SIBERIAN),

26 Floor (GROUND) great (G-) selection of beers (-ROUND) (GROUND).


1 Morbid fear of (PHOBIA) soft (soft/piano = P-) male ferret (-HOB-) with intimidating head (‘Intimidating’ head = -I-) and extra back? (‘extrA’ back = -A) (PHOBIA),

2 Garda – the one associated with Hitch (‘garda hitch’ climbing KNOT) – taken in by Preston King (taken in by ‘presTON King’ = tonk) going all the way back (= reverse indicator) (tonk = KNOT),

3 What Goldilocks took from her visit to the bears? (PORRIDGE) Mostly (t) wine (‘port’ without ‘t’ = POR-) ­– a type making impression on Hasselback potatoes! (-RIDGE) (PORRIDGE),

4 Master (GURU) unarguably disregards Albany (‘unarguably’ disregards ‘Albany’ = urgu = GURU),

5 Type of actor (METHOD actor) found in The Comey Rule, for instance (rule/way = METHOD),

6 Fellow (-MAN) following (= position indicator) more than one in 26 across (more than one ‘ground’ = GROUNDS-) (GROUNDSMAN) doing a job in The Field (GROUNDSMAN),

7 Gradually introduces (PHASES IN) middlemen (middle ‘mEn’ = -E-) in Spanish (Spanish) novel (= anagram indicator) (Spanish = PHAS-S IN)  (PHASES IN),

13 Saint (St = S-T-) welcoming foreign party (African National Congress = -ANC-) unexpectedly (= anagram indicator) in ode (in ode = -IONED) (SANCTIONED) gave one’s blessing (SANCTIONED),

14 Betrays local (‘betrays’ local = SHOPS) criminals close (‘criminalS’ close/end = S-) to those employed in the brewing industry (-HOPS) (SHOPS),

16 This can be mesmerising (HYPNOSIS) reminding oneself of one’s childhood (HYPNOSIS),

17 One of those shining in The Abbey that is way-out (EXIT SIGN) is Mark (SIGN) Last? (= position indicator) Get off the stage! (EXIT) (EXIT SIGN),

19 The (the) training (= anagram indicator) (the = ETH-) by the man downstairs (Nick) mostly (k) (‘Nick’ without ‘k’ = -NIC) (ETHNIC) is to do with race (ETHNIC),

21 Paul wrote to them (St Paul wrote epistle to ROMANS) for royal (R-) Saudi Arabian neighbour’s (-OMAN-) son (-S) (ROMANS),

23 Pay attention (MIND) on the banks of the Mississippi Sound (on the banks of the ‘MIssissippi SouND’ = MIND),

24 Parcel (parcel of land = PLOT) for novice (learner = -L-) taken in by Kitty (P-OT) (PLOT).