Crosaire No 17397 by Crossheir – Saturday, October 17th, 2020

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1 Understudy (DOUBLE) from a Dingle (a Dingle) play (= anagram indicator) (a Dingle = DEALING) (DOUBLE-DEALING) aiming to play a deceptive part in The Sting (DOUBLE-DEALING),

10 A way (‘a way’ = ‘away’ = OUT-) to portray (draw) review (= reverse indicator) (draw = -WARD) (OUTWARD) as a type that’s not an insider’s view (OUTWARD),

11 Friend (PAL-) from Rome (Rome) lost (= anagram indicator) (Rome = -ERMO) (PALERMO) in the city on the island (PALERMO),

12 It’s one of the usual standards (bog standard = B-OG) around Limerick (-L-) (BLOG) – I read that online (BLOG),


13 A (-A-) drive (-DR-) in Clare (C-E) (CADRE) for a small group (CADRE),

15 Block tubers, cutting rockets (‘block tubers’ cutting ‘rockets’ = blub = BULB) – the type that will eventually grow in the garden (BULB),

17 Buck (ROE deer) consumed by George Orwell (consumed by ‘georgE ORwell’ = eor) going all the way back (= reverse indicator) (eor = ROE),

19 Puts on record (ENTERS) ­– Lodge, from a legal perspective (lodge a plea = ENTER-), is close to dangerous (close/end to ‘dangerouS’ = -S) (ENTERS),

21 Church (CH-) diocese (see) backing (= reversal indicator) (see = -EES-) ecumenicalism from the start (‘Ecumenicalism’ from the start = -E) (CHEESE) in Gloucester (Gloucester CHEESE),

22 Pay for (buy) unfinished (y) (‘buy’ without ‘y’ = BU-) bespoke (= anagram indicator) barge (barge  = -GBEAR) (BUGBEAR) – the bane of one’s life (BUGBEAR),

23 Drug (HEROIN) produced by women on a night out (hen = HE-N) all across the country (Republic of Ireland = -ROI-) (HEROIN),

25 Nearly all those in 14 down (nearly all ‘doubles’ = DOUBLE) served at the bar (DOUBLE),

27 Came across (MET) roses from Somerset (‘roses’ from ‘Somerset’ = met = MET),

29 The asking price (COST) for the border’s command post (the borders ‘COmmand poST’ = COST),

30 Some popular saboteur (some ‘populAR SABoteur’ = arsab) turns up (= reverse indicator) (arsab = BASRA) in Iraqi port (BASRA),

31 Mark (TICK) produces cocktail without cola (‘cocktail’ without ‘cola’ = ckti = TICK),

34 Elder statesman dismisses damsel’s (‘elder statesman’ dismisses ‘damsels’ = eerttan = ENTREAT) petition (ENTREAT),

35 Second-rate celebrity (B-lister = BLISTER) has a problem walking the Camino de Santiago, for instance (BLISTER),

36 Presumably, you bought this window-shopping? (DOUBLE-GLAZING) Something to take away the draft! (DOUBLE-GLAZING).


2 Whistler from whistle-stop tour (‘whistler’ from ‘whistle-stop tour’ = stoptou = OPTS OUT) chooses to withdraw (OPTS OUT),

3 Bobby’s route (policeman’s beat = BEAT) to Knock (knock/hit = BEAT),

4 It’s earned (earned) camouflaging (= anagram indicator) (earned = ENDEAR) curry favour (ENDEAR),

5 Tips for engineering massive (tips for ‘Engineering Massive’  = EM-) new (= anagram indicator) pier (pier = -PIRE) (EMPIRE) in The Kingdom (EMPIRE),

6 Suspension (LULL) of three students (student = learner: 3 x L = L-LL) around university (-U-) (LULL),

7 Foster (NURTURE) and Turner (Turner) embarrassed (= anagram indicator) (Turner = NURT-RE) over unpainted summit (‘Unpainted’ summit = -U-) (NURTURE),

8 Sounds like (= homophone indicator) wages for a stuntman (a stuntman doubles for a major actor = “double cheque” = DOUBLE CHECK-) and writer (-ED) (DOUBLE-CHECKED) verified again (DOUBLE-CHECKED),

9 Buses (DOUBLE-DECKERS) for coaches with connecting flights (DOUBLE-DECKERS),

14 Typical of all sides today (‘double’ on all sides of today’s grid = DOUBLES) witnessed in court (DOUBLES on tennis court),

16 Passing mention (obit = O-BIT) about Republican (-R) (ORBIT) course taken by Little Rocket Man perhaps (ORBIT = course taken by rocket man/space man),

18 Most of the (most of ‘the’ = TH-) dispute (-ROW) (THROW) with cast (cast/fling = THROW),

20 Russian removes sari (‘Russian’ removes ‘sari’ = usn = SUN) – it can be too warm at times (SUN),

21 Scoundrel (CAD) turns up (= reverse indicator) in Panda Car (in ‘panDA Car’ = dac = CAD),

24 Teacher (Sir) sends back (= reverse indicator) (Sir = RIS-) German (-OTTO) (RISOTTO) dish in Italian restaurant (RISOTTO),

26 Manufactured (BUILT-) tops, informal nightgowns (tops ‘Informal Nightgown = - IN) (BUILT-IN) and that’s integral (BUILT-IN),

27 Sad (= anagram indicator) lament (lament = MANTLE) from The Cape (cape/shawl = MANTLE),

28 Like some Customs’ (TRIBAL) people (tribe) losing European (e) (‘tribe’ without ‘e’ = TRIB-) area (-A-) at port (port/left = -L) (TRIBAL),

32 Rosemary (HERB) is cut off from butcher (‘cut’ off from ‘butcher’ = bher = HERB),

33 Almost (t) remedy (fix) (‘fix’ without ‘x’ = FI-) the sound of snoring (-ZZ) (FIZZ) with champagne (FIZZ).