Crosaire No 17390 by Crossheir – Friday, October 9th, 2020

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8 Goes over (= reverse indicator) before Easter (Lent = T-NEL) taking in most of (j) the journalists (‘NUJ’ without ‘j’ = nu = -UN-) (TUNNEL) with vision (TUNNEL vision),

9 A rough draft, in a writing sense (SKELETON), discovered in 10 across (‘tomb’) after a time (SKELETON),

10 Summits on top of Mont Blanc (summits on ‘Top Of Mont Blanc’  = TOMB) – that’s the last place you’re likely to be found (TOMB),

11 Model (= anagram indicator) orders gown (orders gown = WRONGDOERS) from those who can’t do anything right (WRONGDOERS),


12 Penny (D-), Earl (-E-) and Mark (-SPOT) (DESPOT) Cromwell, for example (DESPOT),

14 Unsegregated, lacks guts (‘unsegregated’ lacks ‘guts’ = neregaed = RENEGADE) and a turncoat  (RENEGADE),

15 Primitive (UNSOPHISTICATED) organisation (UN-) linked to Cosmopolitan (- SOPHISTICATED) (UNSOPHISTICATED),

18 As a matter of priority (URGENTLY) for old city (UR-) in Belgium (Ghent) lacking hotel (h) (‘Ghent’ lacking ‘h’ = -GENT-) with large (-L-) yard (-Y) (URGENTLY),

20 Toning down (EASING) making fun (teasing) starting off (t) (‘teasing’ without ‘t’ = EASING),

22 Staff (MAN-) from taverns (taverns = -SERVANT) confused (= anagram indicator) (MANSERVANT) Batman (batman = MANSERVANT in army),

24 Type (SORT) of heads sinking on RMS Titanic (heads ‘Sinking On Rms Titanic’ = SORT),

25 Get a face-lift (RENOVATE) in city in Nevada (RENO-) with Virginia (-VA-) Lawrence (-TE Lawrence) (RENOVATE),

26 Get it in the neck (THROAT) from flipping (= reverse indicator) Chinese philosopher’s ideal (Tao = -OAT) retweet (rt = T-R-) about hothead (‘Hot’ head = -H-) (THROAT).


1 Mark’s successor (EURO- successor to German mark) linked to capital punishment (capital ‘Punishment’ = -P-) for extreme crime (extreme ‘crimE’ = -E) (EUROPE) in our community (EUROPE),

2 Slight (SNUB) upside-down (= reverse indicator) cakes from the bakery (buns = SNUB),

3 One of those with a longstanding reputation for doing the rounds at Halloween (OLD WITCH) is sick (= anagram indicator) with cold (with cold = OLD WITCH),

4 Every second dog salmon (every second letter of ‘dOg SaLmOn’ = OSLO) found in 21 down (OSLO found in ‘Norway’),

5 Oily port (BERGEN, a port in Norway for oil industries and fishing) produced in 21 down (BERGEN is in ‘Norway’),

6 Fruit (LEMON-) drugs (-GRASS) (LEMONGRASS) or herb (LEMONGRASS),

7 Most of (t) the wine (‘port’ without ‘t’ = POR-) from narrow range of hills (-RIDGE) (PORRIDGE) is consumed by Goldilocks in the den (PORRIDGE),

13 Religious belief (PROFESSION) in vocation (PROFESSION),

14 Teacher (sir) retiring (= reversal indicator) (sir = RIS-) to Kerry (-KY) (RISKY) is insecure (RISKY),

16 Rants are (rants are) distracting (= anagram indicator) (rants are = NARRATES) and that tells a tale (NARRATES),

17 Name (IDENTITY) one (I-) key (music key -D-) living thing (-ENTITY) (IDENTITY),

19 Imagines leaving Tasmanian Tiger (‘imagines’ leaving ‘Tasmanian Tiger’ = taantr = TARTAN) in Scotland in the hands of the man of the cloth (TARTAN),

21 Rowan (Rowan) chopped up (= anagram indicator) (Rowan = NORWA-) on Yorkshire summit (‘Yorkshire’ summit = -Y) (NORWAY) in the country (NORWAY),

23 Drinks (ALES) consumed by whale sharks (consumed by ‘whALE Sharks’ = ALES),

24 Get on board (SURF), as there’s no end to the refunds (there’s no ‘end’ to the ‘refunds’ = rfus = SURF).