Crosaire No 17381 by Crossheir – Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

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1 Cured (HEALED) that man (HE-) of drink- (-ALE-) -driving primarily (‘Driving’ primarily = -D) (HEALED),

4 Trembled with fear (SHIVERED) as he drives (he drives) badly (= anagram indicator) (he drives = SHIVERED),

9 Tom left something (‘Tom’ left ‘something’ = sehing = NEIGHS) to be picked up (heard) coming out of The Bay (NEIGHS heard coming out of the bay/horse),

10 One of those in 22 across, for instance (one of the ‘cucumbers’ = FRUIT), at the end of 8 down (end of ‘dry fly’ = FLY) (FRUIT FLY) can be a pest on a date? (FRUIT FLY is a pest on a date/fruit)


12 Grumble about (CRAB) accountant (CA-) going to court (-CT-) with one (-I) (CRAB CACTI) lot of prickly types synonymous with Christmas (CRAB CACTI),

13 Praise (EXTOL) former (EX-) leads on The Onedin Line (leads on ‘The Onedin Line’  = -TOL) (EXTOL),

14 Rank (FIELD MARSHAL) piece of grassland (FIELD) and bog (MARSH-) close to a (-A-) port (port/left = -L) (FIELD MARSHAL),

18 Ginger (SPICE) is (IS-) going to Lima (-L-) and (-AND-) Santiago, initially (‘Santiago’ initially = -S) (SPICE ISLANDS) from part of Indonesia (SPICE ISLANDS),

21 Express in words (VOICE) what’s warm coming out of microwave (‘warm’ coming out of ‘microwave’ = icove = VOICE),

22 Two coppers (Cu + Cu = CUCU-) and doctors (MBs =  -MB-S) swallowing starters of exotic rich (starters of ‘Exotic Rich’ = -ER-) (CUCUMBERS) fruits (CUCUMBERS),

24 First off (h), religious followers (‘hindus’ without ‘h’ = INDUS-) find test (-TRY) (INDUSTRY) hard work? (INDUSTRY),

25 Mysterious (= anagram indicator) cleric (cleric = CIRCLE) from Ring (CIRCLE),

26 One of The Greens (SIDE DISH) in Dublin (SIDE) served up on a platter (DISH) (SIDE DISH),

27 Keeps to himself (HERMIT) most (e) of the present (here) (‘here’ without ‘e’ = HER-) from overseas university (Massachusetts Institute of Technology = - MIT) (HERMIT).


1 Restrain (HANDCUFF) American (-A-) supporting the milk producers (National Dairy Council = -NDC-) in a bad mood (huff = H-UFF) (HANDCUFF),

2 Produced a type of film (ANIMATED) clip (l) of Bambi (‘animal’ without ‘l’ = ANIMA-) with the (the) heartless (h) (‘the’ without ‘h’ = -TE-) director (-D) (ANIMATED),

3 Oriental (East = E-), short (k), obtuse (thick) (‘thick’ without ‘k’ = -THIC) (ETHIC) moral standard (ETHIC),

5 Woman (HER-) and Pole (North Pole = -N-) in clear (distinct = -D -I-STINCT) (HERD INSTINCT) or that’s the general feeling when everyone’s together (HERD INSTINCT),

6 Mouthpiece (VOICE) on The Post (-MAIL) (VOICEMAIL) is known to take messages (VOICEMAIL),

7 Flustered dropping LSD? (‘flustered’ dropping ‘LSD’ = futere = REFUTE) Give the lie to that! (REFUTE),

8 Loud music (forte = F-) in a matter of fact way (dryly = DRY -LY) (DRY FLY) is bound to have a catch? (fishing fly bait = DRY FLY),

11 Score (SCRATCH) for The Jacks (CARDS) (SCRATCH CARDS) offering instant results for the gamblers (SCRATCH CARDS),

15 Legal agreement (DE-ED) about the media (-PRESS-) (DEPRESSED) in Down (DEPRESSED),

16 Notice Mr (notice mr) Batty (= anagram indicator) (notice mr = INTERCOM) employed in a telecommunications role (INTERCOM),

17 In my opinion (AS I SEE IT), easiest (easiest) problem (= anagram indicator) (easiest = AS I SEE -T) about initial issue (initial ‘Issue’ = I-) (AS I SEE IT),

19 Steers clear of (AVOIDS) streaming video dismissing regiment (‘streaming video’ dismissing ‘regiment’ = savido = AVOIDS),

20 Cared about (MINDED) striker from Kidderminster (‘striker’ from ‘Kidderminster’ = iddmne = MINDED),

23 Network of paths (MA-ZE) going around island (-I-) (MAIZE) from the farmer’s field (MAIZE).