Crosaire No 17376 by Crossheir – Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

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8 Managed (MADE DO) leaders of development enterprise dutifully (leaders of ‘Development Enterprise Dutifully’ = -DE D-) welcomed by chairman? (Chairman Mao = MA- -O) (MADE DO),

9 Eats a rum (eats a rum) fudge (= anagram indicator) (eats a rum = AMATEURS) produced by novices (AMATEURS),

10 Heartless (‘i’) presence of mind (‘poIse’ without ‘i’= POSE) by model (POSE),


11 Old sailor (tar) serves up (= reverse indicator) (tar = RAT-) what fishermen caught (CATCH-) at the point (East = -E-) and from bottom of oyster (bottom of ‘oysteR’ = -R) (RAT-CATCHER) trap (RAT-CATCHER),

12 It’s brutal (UNKIND) for a French (a = UN-) family (-KIN-) from 6th Arrondissement (6th letter of “arronDissement” = -D) (UNKIND),

14 Outside accommodation (shed = SHE-D) includes parking (-P-) for his companion (‘his’ companion = -HER-) (SHEPHERD), the one associated with crook (crook/hooked staff used by SHEPHERD),

15 They share a border with the Scots (ENGLISH) and Irish, for instance? (LANGUAGE) (ENGLISH LANGUAGE) You hear this all the time at Westminster! (ENGLISH LANGUAGE),

18 Article (an = A-N) about great (-G-) artist (-RA-) from academy (Royal Irish Academy = -RIA-) (AGRARIAN) describing aspects of Animal Farm (AGRARIAN),

20 Witness (VIEWER) car (VW = V-W-) taking in Ireland (Ireland domain i.e. = -IE-) and summits on every ridge (summits on ‘Every Ridge’ = -ER) (VIEWER),

22 Crossing Swords (STRUGGLING) for horse (-GG-) involved in criminal (= anagram indicator) rustling (rustling = STRU-LING) (STRUGGLING),

24 Digs up (= reverse indicator) some skunk cabbage (some ‘skunK CABbage = kcab = BACK) from rear (BACK),

25 An instrument used by The Carpenters (PANEL SAW) noticed (SAW) by Talking Heads (PANEL) first (= positional indicator) (PANEL SAW),

26 Swallows (TASTES) in State’s (states) building (= anagram indicator) (states = TASTES).


1 Colour sergeant doesn’t get rest cure (‘colour sergeant’ doesn’t get ‘rest cure’ = ologan = LAGOON) by inland lake (LAGOON),

2 The limits to educating Toulouse-Lautrec? (the limits to ‘EDucating toulouse-lautrEC’ = edec) In retrospect (= reverse indicator) (edec = CEDE), I’ll give you that! (CEDE),

3 Do creams (do creams) work (= anagram indicator) (do creams = COMRADES) for those with a base? (COMRADES),

4 Harry (harry/harass = BAIT) is the first person (-I-) welcomed by cricket club (BA-T) (BAIT),

5 Costings from data processing (‘costings’ from ‘data processing’ = daapre = PARADE) for the motorcade (PARADE),

6 No initial reason (r) for security lapse (breach) (‘breach’ without ‘r’ = BEACH) in the theatre (audience/house) (HOUSE) (BEACH HOUSE), an accommodating place from where you might see The Seagull? (BEACH HOUSE),

7 Turns up (= reverse indicator), town in Galway (Gort = T- -ROG) overlooks lough (Lough -REE) with loud (forte = F-) (TREE FROG) type of amphibian (TREE FROG),

13 Moody (ILL-NATURED) character (-NATURE-) out of sorts (ILL-) initially (= positional indicator) with director (-D) (ILL-NATURED),

14 Reception (SALON) for family member (S-ON) around area (-A-) close to Spiddal (close/end to ‘spiddaL’ = -L-) (SALON),

16 Odd (= anagram indicator) thing (thing = NIGHT-) for accountant (-CA-) to post (-P) (NIGHTCAP) with late tot (tot/nip = NIGHTCAP),

17 Direct a course (NAVIGATE) for vain (vain = NAVI-) model (= anagram indicator) joining theatre (The -GATE) (NAVIGATE),

19 Suck it up (INGEST) for laughs (in jest) on the radio (homophone indicator) (‘in jest’ = ‘INGEST’),

21 Go over (EXCEED) to Spain (E-) with Ray (-X- ray), Clare (-CE-) and Teddy (-ED) (EXCEED),

23 Sample of Pinot Grigio was (sample of ‘pinot grigIO WAs’ = IOWA) produced in America (IOWA),

24 Foundation (BASE) embraced by suburb as expected (embraced by ‘suburB AS Expected’ = BASE).