Crosaire No 17368 by Crossheir – Monday, September 14th, 2020

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8 Discovered in human anatomy (MANANA is discovered in ‘huMAN ANAtomy’) sometime in the future in Malaga (Spanish ‘tomorrow’ = MANANA),

9 Inexperienced (-RAW-) novice (learner = -L-) in new (= anagram indicator) tent (tent = T- NET) (TRAWL NET) expected to catch 10 across (TRAWL NET expected to catch ‘fish’),

10 Alerts from half-sister (‘alerts’ from ‘half-sister’ = hfsi = FISH) in school (FISH),

11 “Garda (COPPER) finds listening device” (WIRE) (COPPER WIRE)– The Telegraph runs with it (COPPER WIRE),


12 Gunshot fired out of righteousness (‘gunshot’ fired out of ‘righteousness’ = rieses = SERIES) – of course in the medical sense (course/programme = SERIES),

14 Accountant (CA-) is not the first (‘Not’ the first = -N-) taken in by opponent (rival = R-IVAL) (CARNIVAL) is that fair? (CARNIVAL),

15 The wife when out (wife out/asleep = SLEEPING PARTNER) with one of the investors who’s not working? (SLEEPING PARTNER),

18 Minor arguments (spats = SPAT-S) over university (University of Limerick = -UL-) finding top academics (top ‘Academics’  = -A-) (SPATULAS) employed in the kitchen (SPATULAS),

20 For those taking steps (LADDER) to take head off (b) inflated type blown-up in football? (bladder) (‘bladder’ without ‘b’ =  LADDER),

22 Those in Sky (AIR TRAFFIC) to broadcast (AIR) a number of vehicles down the road (TRAFFIC) (AIR TRAFFIC),

24 Backs (= reverse indicator) bank’s stocks and shares (banks ‘STocks and sharES’ = stes = SETS) in places (SETS),

25 They’re going nowhere (DEAD ENDS) in heaven and hell presumably (DEAD ENDS),

26 Trout (trout = TUTOR-) swimming (= anagram indicator) ahead of salmon (ahead of ‘Salmon’ = -S) (TUTORS) in school (TUTORS).


1 Tries a (tries a) novel (= anagram indicator) (tries a = SATIRE), a parody of others (SATIRE),

2 Strike (BASH) across the board with decorators out (‘across the board’ with ‘decorators’ out/without ‘decorators’ = ashb = BASH),

3 March from the centre (‘mARCh’ from the centre = -ARC-) is (-IS-) heading straight (heading ‘Straight’ = -S-) into Northern Ireland (NI = N-I) (NARCISSI) offering flowers (NARCISSI),

4 Footfall perhaps (STEP) of one of those in 20 across (STEP in ‘ladder’),

5 Vehicle (CA-R) going around lough (Lough -REE-) (CAREER) in Rush (rush/dash = CAREER),

6 Dopey (SLOW-), Oscar (Oscar Wilde = -WIT-) and Edward? (-TED) (SLOW-WITTED) One of them is not bright! (SLOW-WITTED),

7 Drop (DECREASE) Declan (DEC-) Rice, initially (‘Rice’ initially = -R- with no difficulty  (with -EASE) (DECREASE),

13 One (I-) writer (pen) upsetting (= reverse indicator) (pen = -NEP-) Trade Union (-TU-) consumed by current (tide = -TI-DE) (INEPTITUDE) incompetence (INEPTITUDE),

14 Pens (CAGES) produced by Old Bob (old bob = shilling = -S), for example (e.g. = -GE-), with a (-A-) carbon (C-) twist (= reverse indicator) (CAGES),

16 Cuts (LOPS-) by paper’s (-ID- papers) editor (-ED) (LOPSIDED) lacking balance (LOPSIDED),

17 Ration out (ALLOCATE) cook’s (= anagram indicator) local tea (local tea = ALLOCATE),

19 Discovers (LEARNS) flighty (= anagram indicator) Earls (LEAR-S) around end of autumn (end of ‘autumN’ = -N-) (LEARNS),

21 Complete (ENTIRE) set of good books (New Testament = -NT-) discovered in our place (Eire = -E-IRE) (ENTIRE),

23 To do (to-do/commotion = FUSS) with some of us socialising (some ‘oF US Socialising’ = FUSS),

24 Position (SITE) on both sides of the Silk Route (on both sides of the ‘SIlk rouTE’ = SITE).