Crosaire No 17367 by Crossheir – Saturday, September 12th, 2020

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1 It’s not rude (CIVIL) to help (help = SERVANTS) (CIVIL SERVANTS) those employed by state (CIVIL SERVANTS),

10 It’s included in statement (INVOICE) from popular (IN-) Order (-O-) in awful habit? (vice = -V-ICE) (INVOICE),

11 Last swim (last ‘swiM’ = M-) since (since) damaging (= anagram indicator) (since = -ENISC-) one (-I) (MENISCI) of the cartilages in the knee (MENISCI),


12 Corinthian’s missing chariot (‘Corinthians’ missing ‘chariot’ = inns = INNS) produced by a number of the locals (INNS),

13 Courteous (CIVIL) to all sides today (CIVIL on all sides of today’s grid),

15 Nail a bolt in part (‘naIL A Bolt’ in part = ilab) climbing up (= reveres indicator) (ilab = BALI) Indonesian island (BALI),

17 One of those in gaol (CON) consumed by innocence (consumed by ‘inNOCence’ = noc) going all the way back (= reverse indicator) (noc = CON),

19 Mock (mock/fake = ERSATZ) English (E-) royal (-R-) starting to study (starting to ‘Study’ = -S-) all the letters (A to Z = -A-Z) over time (-T-) (ERSATZ),

21 Detective (P-I) welcomes pay- (pay) -off (= anagram indicator) (pay = -APY-) for writing (from the 3Rs = -R-) (PAPYRI) old scrolls (PAPYRI)

22 Recruit (rally = R-ALLY) Guards, for example (e.g. = -EG-) (REGALLY), like in The Kingdom (REGALLY),

23 Joint (GAMMON joint) or side of meat (side of ‘Meat’ = -M-) in mango (mango) salad (= anagram indicator) (mango = GAM-ON) (GAMMON),

25 Young adult (YA = Y-A) welcomes old (-O-) Polish (polish/shine = -RUB-) (YORUBA) people from Nigeria? (YORUBA),

27 The peak in Europe (ALP) for those within Central Powers (for those within ‘centrAL Powers’ = ALP),

29 Extremes of north-eastern storm (extremes of ‘NOrth-eastern stoRM’ = NORM) is to be expected? (NORM),

30 It’s A Wonderful Life (IDYLL) – or child’s play without the chaps? (‘childs play’ without ‘chaps’ = ildly = IDYLL),

31 Very small (MINI) characters sitting up (= reverse indicator) in Lamborghini Murciélago (characters sitting up in ‘lamborghINI Murciélago’ = inim = MINI),

34 Title is (title is) lost (= anagram indicator) (title is = ELITIST) by one who thinks they’re superior (ELITIST),

35 Sentence (CONSIGN) from The Sting (CON-) and The Omen (-SIGN) (CONSIGN),

36 A match that excludes Fathers’ (CIVIL MARRIAGE doesn’t include Fathers/Priests) Union – the one recognised by The State (CIVIL MARRIAGE).


2 Produces the design (INVENTS) for make-up (make up = INVENT-) school (-S) (INVENTS),

3 That’s one in the eye (IRIS) for current (I-) teacher (Sir) retiring (= reverse indicator) (Sir = -RIS) (IRIS),

4 Pretty as a picture (SCENIC) since (since) changing (= anagram indicator) (since = SCENI-) college (-C) (SCENIC),

5 Stick around (REMAIN) for marine (marine) tour (= anagram indicator) (marine = REMAIN),

6 Served up (= reverse indicator) in green cabbage (in ‘greEN CAbbage = enca = ACNE) – on the face of it, a teenager’s worst nightmare (ACNE),

7 Found in Italy (TUSCANY), Troy (T-) and America (-US-) {California (-CA-) and New York} (-NY) (TUSCANY),

8 Non-military type (CIVIL) on Mastermind (ENGINEER) (CIVIL ENGINEER) – her specialised subject is the production of The Bridge (CIVIL ENGINEER),

9 Is (-IS-) after (= positional indicator) nicely mannered (CIVIL-) American (-A-), into (into) sport (= anagram indicator) (into = -TION-), and open to seeing (open to ‘Seeing’ = -S) (CIVILISATIONS) what ancient Greeks and Romans produced (CIVILISATIONS),

14 Head’s vote of confidence (heads ‘Vote O Confidence’ = VOC-) to everyone (-ALL-) finishing study (finishing ‘studY’ = -Y) (VOCALLY) with viva voce (VOCALLY),

16 A bad mood produced by a grumpy type (STROP) of spoil (= anagram indicator) sport? (sport = STROP),

18 Head of old corporation (MAYOR) is after April (MAY-), Oscar (-O-) and Regina (-R) (MAYOR),

20 Nietzsche dismisses ethics (‘Nietzsche’ dismisses ‘ethics’ = nez = ZEN) of meditative practice  (ZEN),

21 Characters in dictatorship lying (characters in ‘dictatorshiP LYing’ = PLY) – is it something to do with being thick? (PLY),

24 Miniatures? No use (‘miniatures’ no/without ‘use’ = miniatr = MARTINI) for cocktail! (MARTINI),

26 A foreign (‘a’ foreign = UN-) soldier (GI) retires (= reverse indicator) (GI = -I-G) over flipping (= reverse indicator) local fool (nit = -TIN-) (UNITING) joining up (UNITING),

27 Digs up (= reverse indicator) a fair amount of (half of) Tyre (half of ‘TYre’ = ty = -YT-) buried in wet clay (mud = -D-UM) leading to atrium (leading to ‘Atrium’ = A-) (ADYTUM) and inner sanctuary of Greek temple (ADYTUM),

28 Found at the bottom of River (PLACER) Park (P-) near Chantilly (Chantilly -LACE-) at end of war (at end of ‘waR’ = -R) (PLACER),

32 She’s out of whiskies (‘shes’ out of ‘whiskies’ = wiki = KIWI) and fruit for a summer cocktail perhaps (KIWI),

33 Opposed (ANTI) to some revolutionary (= reverse indicator) illicit narcotics (some ‘illicIT NArcotics’ = itna = ANTI).