Crosaire No 16763 by Crossheir – Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

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1 Suspect (SHA-DY) swallows new (-N-) (SHANDY) drink in the bar – it’s not a full alcoholic measure (SHANDY),

4 Is not (N-OT-) entertaining brief (h) part on The Bridge (part on the bridge = ‘arch’ without ‘h’ = -ARC-) – the one (-I-) caught (-C)  (NARCOTIC) with the drug (NARCOTIC),

9 A (A-) tax (-VAT- tax) on artist (RA = -AR) retiring (= reversal indicator) (AVATAR) as virtual icon (AVATAR),

10 Trying out more than one of those in 1 across (TASTINGS of more than one ‘Shandy’) or reviewing samples of The Libation Bearers (TASTINGS),


12 Running through Cork (River Lee = L- -EE) carrying Monet (Monet = -EMON T-) all over the place (= anagram indicator) from art centre (‘art’ centre = -R-) (LEMON TREE) bears fruit (LEMON TREE),

13 Paramilitaries (IRA-) reject (= reversal indicator) measure of intelligence (IQ = -QI) (IRAQI) from Middle East resident (IRAQI),

14 Opens 18 across (‘wine drinking’ = WINE) and 10 across (‘tastings’ = TASTINGS) (WINE TASTINGS) with oral examinations in Bordeaux perhaps (WINE TASTINGS),

18 Finishes most of 26 across (finishes most of ‘old wines’ = WINE -) with medic (DR-) – the popular one (-IN-) from The Palace (-KING) (WINE DRINKING) knocking back the Chablis (WINE DRINKING),

21 Strong dislike (ODIUM) of housemaids scattering ashes (‘housemaids’ scattering/ without ‘ashes’ = oumid = ODIUM),

22 A (A-) Frenchman (Monsieur = -M-) might be boring (boring with drill bit = -BIT-) with debts (IOUs = -IOUS) (AMBITIOUS) or desperate to be successful (AMBITIOUS),

24 Old police force (Royal Ulster Constabulary = -RUC-) in Channel Islands (C-I-) finding local stimulant (-FIX) (CRUCIFIX)) is not what the Count wants to see (Count Dracula doesn’t want to see CRUCIFIX),

25 Dubious (= anagram indicator) tablet (tablet = BATTLE) competition (BATTLE),

26 Champagnes from the 1949 & 1953 vintages (OLD WINES) are mature (OLD) and the sommelier would recommend them (WINES) (OLD WINES),

27 Prickly type (TEASEL) in 23 down (‘tease’ = TEASE-) left (-L) (TEASEL).


1 Point-to-point (south + west = SW-) permits (-ALLOWS) (SWALLOWS) high flyers (SWALLOWS),

2 Marginal (marginal = ALARMING) correction (= anagram indicator) is disturbing (ALARMING),

3 Director (D-) is dropped from Sky (dropped from sky = -RAIN) (DRAIN) Channel (channel = DRAIN),

5 Is worn out by The Don perhaps (ACADEMIC ROBE) teaching others a lesson (ACADEMIC) on how to steal (ROB-) ecstasy (-E) (ACADEMIC ROBE),

6 Interrupting those having a ball (interrupting those having a ball/dancing is CUTTING IN) by making a sarcastic comment (CUTTING comment) that’s fashionable (IN) (CUTTING IN),

7 Passing note disregarding spies (‘passing note’ disregarding ‘spies’ = angnot = TONGAN) from friendly island (TONGAN is from Tonga or The Friendly Islands),

8 Banks cash flow analysis (banks ‘cash flow analysis’ = CASSIS) of what’s consumed in France (CASSIS),

11 Question in court (CROSS-EXAMINE) for vet (vet/check = EXAMINE) in a bad mood (CROSS) from the start (= positional indicator) (CROSS- EXAMINE),

15 Old Roman administrators (TRIUMVIRI) of university (-U-) in Meath town (Trim = TRI-M-) opposed to (versus = -V-) leaders in regional innovation (leaders ‘in regional innovation’ = -IRI) (TRIUMVIRI),

16 Sally’s (sallys = RIPOSTES) cuts (RIP-S) around broken (= anagram indicator) toes (toes = -OSTE-) (RIPOSTES),

17 Bacon’s partner (EGGS- and bacon) is downstairs (-HELL) (EGGSHELL) with shady type (EGGSHELL paint),

19 Offers blanket coverage perhaps (PONCHO) of extract from Trump on choices (extract from ‘Trump on choices’ = PONCHO),

20 One of the assets (LIQUID asset) and most of the old local money (‘quid’ = -QUI-) in Cork (cork/cap = LI-D) (LIQUID),

23 Commute a sentence locking up (‘commute a sentence’ locking up = TEASE) kid (TEASE).