Crosaire No 16759 by Crossheir – Thursday, September 27th, 2018

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1 The Blades (SWORDS) from part of Dublin (SWORDS),

4 The same old panic (AFFRIGHT) gets a (A-) party (Fianna Fáil = -FF-) to write (“write” = “right” = -RIGHT) report (= homophone indicator) (AFFRIGHT),

9 Reviews (= reversal indicator) writing (from the 3Rs = -R) by a (-A-) large (-L-) mouthy type (lip = PIL-) (PILLAR) in The Post (post/column = PILLAR),


10 School (S-) and college (-C-) connected to Geneva (Geneva = AVENGE) organisation (= anagram indicator) (SCAVENGE) offering to rummage through The Waste Land (SCAVENGE),

12 Sounds like a promotional spiel at The Bar (HAVE A SHOT) to try something (HAVE A SHOT),

13 Photos (SHOTS) of those at the end of 12 across (‘have a shot’ = SHOT-) on bender (-S bend) (SHOTS),

14 Runner (mat = -M AT) in part of The Underground (root = ROO- T-) and that man (-HE) from the highest point (TOP) (ROOM AT THE TOP) of attic (ROOM AT THE TOP),

18 Terrible bad luck (A CRYING SHAME) of American (A-) behind (= positional indicator) loss of face (SHAME) at waterworks (CRYING) (A CRYING SHAME),

21 Host is not part of threesome (‘host’ is not part of ‘threesome’ = reeme = EMEER) with unconventional Arab leader? (unconventional ‘EMEER’ can be spelt emir / amir / ameer),

22 Single (UNMARRIED) murder in a (murder in a = UNMARRIED) novel (= anagram indicator),

24 With genuine effort (ACTIVELY) part of the play (ACT-) is full of zip (lively) without the lead (l) (‘lively’ without ‘l’ = -IVELY) (ACTIVELY),

25 Bootleg tape (RIP-OFF) of jazz lick (RI-FF) entertains President (-P-) Obama from the start (‘Obama’ from the start = -O-) (RIP-OFF),

26 Church leader (POP-E) admits university (University of Limerick = -UL-) has openings for AI technology (openings for ‘AI technology’ = -AT-) (POPULATE) people (POPULATE),

27 Bamboo lovers (PANDAS) sharply criticise (PAN-) the German (the = -DAS) (PANDAS),


1 Turns up (= reversal indicator) as (as = SA-) father (-PP-) gets to secure the services of (secure the services of = -HIRE) (SAPPHIRE) one of The Stones (SAPPHIRE),

2 Orchestral leader (‘orchestral’ leader = O-) produces bass (-B-) violin (violin = -LIVION) movement (= anagram indicator) (OBLIVION) from forgotten state (OBLIVION),

3 Headmaster releases sheet (‘headmaster’ releases ‘sheet’ = admar = DRAMA) for the players (DRAMA),

5 Come up against (FACE) most of them (most of ‘them’ = THE) from Yemen (Yemen = ENEMY) forced (= anagram indicator) (FACE THE ENEMY) to confront rivals (FACE THE ENEMY),

6 Colourful type (red) nearly (d) (‘red’ without ‘d’ = RE-) joins The Shadows (-VISIONS) (REVISIONS) or The Corrections (REVISIONS),

7 Piece (GUN) by boxer (DOG) (GUN DOG) following the game (GUN DOG),

8 Religious type (THEIST) of teller from the start (‘teller’ from the start = T-) gets bank job (-HEIST) (THEIST),

11 Sounds like something American realtor says to buyer of carpark space (THAT’S YOUR LOT) is pointedly one’s only option (THAT’S YOUR LOT),

15 Protest movement (march) starting to go (m) (‘march’ without ‘m’ = ARCH-) viral (viral = -RIVAL) animated (= anagram indicator) (ARCHRIVAL) by primary opponent (ARCHRIVAL),

16 Daisy’s relative (MARIGOLD) is crazy (MA-D) about doctor (doctor/tamper = -RIG-) from old (-O-) Lima (-L-) (MARIGOLD),

17 Leaving parties (SEND-OFFS) offends (offends = SEND-OFF) organisation (= anagram indicator) and some at the top (‘some’ at the top = -S) (SEND-OFFS),

19 Work over (REVAMP) father (REV-) to a (-A-) foreign politician (-MP) (REVAMP),

20 Polish off (-EAT-) in pop-up (= reversal indicator) bar (bar = pub = B-UP) (BEAT UP) with type of mug? (BEAT UP),

23 Tailor-made without model (‘tailor-made’ without ‘model’ = taira = RAITA) for a dippy Indian type (RAITA).