Crosaire No 16749 by Crossheir – Saturday, September 15th, 2018

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1 Whiskey producer (Powers = POWER S-) is found on the golf course (-TEE-) in Waterford (-RING) (POWER STEERING) with an aid that makes driving easier (POWER STEERING),

10 On balance (OVERALL), a mechanic requires two of these (overall) to keep the gear clean? (OVERALL x 2 = ‘overalls’ keep the gear/clothes clean),

11 Official restriction on trade (EMBARGO) of wild (= anagram indicator) borage (borage = E-BARGO) grown around beginning of May (beginning of ‘May’ = -M-) (EMBARGO),

12 Enthusiasm (ELAN) inherent to native language (inherent to ‘native language’ = ELAN),


13 A starter to go with all sides today? (POWER on all sides of today’s grid) It might! (might/force = POWER),

15 Foundation (BASE) embraced by suburb as expected (embraced by ‘suburb as expected’ = BASE),

17 It’s the bottom line (NET profit) for one of those in court (NET in tennis court),

19 Demonstrated (PROVEN) in quiet (quiet/piano = P-) to raw beginner (‘raw’ beginner = -R-) in the kitchen (-OVEN) (PROVEN),

21 Girl (ANNA-) left (-L-) school (-S) (ANNALS) of historical records (ANNALS),

22 Put away the sparkling wine (LAY DOWN) from American city (LA-) – it’s for the fourth of July (fourth of ‘July’ = -Y) in Ireland (DOWN) (LAY DOWN),

23 After closing time, an opportunity for a late drink (LOCK-IN) on the canal (LOCK) up (= reverse indicator) north (NI = IN) (LOCK-IN),

25 Straight and narrow (LINEAR) bar (LINE-) for a (-A-) final beer (final ‘beer’ = -R) (LINEAR),

27 Short (e) smoke (‘cure’ without ‘e’ = CUR) with blackguard (CUR),

29 Trackers lose cars (‘trackers’ lose ‘cars’ = tker = TREK) in a long arduous journey (TREK),

30 Like a shot without saki (‘like a shot’ without ‘saki’ = lehot = HOTEL) from inn (HOTEL),

31 The limits to social housing (the limits to ‘social housing’ = SONG) on Raglan Road, for instance (On Raglan Road = SONG),

34 Camper (recreation vehicle = -RV-) for political group (European Union = EU = -E U-) found in Cork (cork/cap = CA- -P) (CARVE UP) or Split? (CARVE UP),

35 Primary (INITIAL) witness, on paper (INITIAL),

36 They make light work (POWER STATIONS) of the devotions (STATIONS) after (= positional indicator) taking local juice (local ‘juice’ = POWER) (POWER STATIONS).


2 Herb (OREGANO) Ring (O-) from Orange (orange = -REGANO) Order (= anagram indicator) (OREGANO),

3 In Sussex a movement (in ‘Sussex a movement’ = EXAM) can be physical (physical EXAM),

4 Napoleon’s missing pen (‘Napoleons’ missing/without ‘pen’ = naolos = SALOON) found by those looking for a drop of Napoleon’s brandy perhaps (SALOON),

5 Look out for (EYE-) the French (the = -LE-) toast starter (‘toast’ starter = -T) (EYELET), as it’s not typical in Wellington? (EYELET not typical on Wellington boot),

6 Completes the following transfer to club unique (completes/last letters of  ‘transfer to club unique’ = ROBE) to The Cape (cape = ROBE),

7 New head (‘new’ head = N-) of paramilitaries (-IR-A) admits transport (-VAN-) (NIRVANA) is in ideal state (NIRVANA),

8 Minister for Communications, Climate Action & Environment needs to be good at (POWER POLITICS) the nitty-gritty of rural electrification? (POWER POLITICS),

9 Boardroom clash (POWER STRUGGLE) at the Competition (competition/clash = STRUGGLE) Authority (POWER) kicks off? (= positional indicator) (POWER STRUGGLE),

14 Get rid of (WEED OUT) drugs (WEED) on holiday (OUT) (WEED OUT),

16 The Inferno (hell) briefly (l) (‘hell’ without ‘l’ = HEL-) has nine (-IX) (HELIX) in a circle that winds around and around (HELIX),

18 Has no head (t) for that racket (‘tennis’ racket without ‘t’ = ENNIS) in Clare (ENNIS),

20 Sample of Aberdeen Angus (sample of ‘Aberdeen Angus’ = NAN) either way (= palindrome indicator) comes from the family (NAN),

21 Consumed by draw, loss (consumed by ‘draw loss’ = AWL) and one of those picking holes in things (AWL),

24 Acclaim (CHEER-) for Number Ten (-IO) (CHEERIO) saying goodbye (CHEERIO),

26 Love (EMOTION) Hate? (EMOTION),

27 A number of duos (couples) left out (‘l’) (‘couples’ without ‘l’ = COUPES) in a number of types of cars (COUPES),

28 It’s about (RE-) that woman (-TINA) (RETINA) the ophthalmologist has his eye on perhaps (RETINA),

32 Some cliché repeated (some ‘cliché repeated’ = HERE) in this place (HERE),

33 One of the player’s (HI-FI) characters in Delhi fiction (characters in “Delhi fiction” = HI-FI).