Crosaire No 16747 by Crossheir – Thursday, September 13rd, 2018

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1 Get to see the children (ACCESS) with Jenny (A-SS) around Cork (-C-) and Clare (-CE-) (ACCESS),

4 Raises my (raises my = EMISSARY) problem (= anagram indicator) with The Messenger (EMISSARY),

9 Off the top of one’s head in Mumbai (TURBAN) Square (T- square), it’s a characteristic of the city (-URBAN) (TURBAN),

10 Guess (ESTIMATE) you can expect the homemaker to arrive at this? (homemaker/builder to arrive at this ESTIMATE),


12 Map (M-AP) covering where in France (‘where’ in France = -OU-) a director uses to film (-SET-) Resistance (-R-) (MOUSETRAP) capturing the vermin (MOUSETRAP),

13 Serves up (= reversal indicator) restaurant (deli = -ILED) order (O-) (OILED) that’s covered in grease (OILED),

14 Idiot (FOOL-) found covered in arsenic (AS = A -S) taken to task (ERRAND) (A FOOL’S ERRAND) for looking for a bucket of steam (A FOOL’S ERRAND),

18 What the bossy mother-of-the-bride might do on the hen night (RULE THE ROOST) to keep things from getting out of control (RULE THE ROOST),

21 Strike (POUND) in British capital (British capital/money = POUND),

22 Somehow (= anagram indicator) glued in to (glued in to = LONGITUDE) what the navigator is looking for (LONGITUDE),

24 Iris (EYEPIECE) is a bit of a looker (EYEPIECE),

25 Bloodthirsty parasite (BEDBUG) has what the spies use to listen in on honey trap perhaps (BEDBUG),

26 Consider in a different light (REASSESS) most of (l) the actual (“real” without “l” = REA-) engineering (-E-) found in two ships (-SS-SS) (REASSESS),

27 Makes light of the material (BLEACH) from coastline (B-EACH) around port (left = -L-) (BLEACH).


1 Describes a time of the year (AUTUMNAL) in new (= anagram indicator) manual (manual = A-UMNAL) about Utah (-UT-) (AUTUMNAL),

2 Material (CORDUROY) is cut for delivery (umbilical CORD-) to your (your = -UROY) building (= anagram indicator) (CORDUROY),

3 Remove the walrus (remove the walrus moustache = SHAVE) from quiet (SH-) road (-AVE) (SHAVE),

5 Opens manacles in stockade (opens ‘manacles in stockade’ = MIS-) to take prisoner (-APPREHEND) (MISAPPREHEND) by mistake (MISAPPREHEND),

6 His (his = SHI-) organisation (= anagram indicator) has control (POW-ER) over new (-N-) (SHIPOWNER) business person providing jobs for those working overseas (SHIPOWNER),

7 Biblical story (parable) that needs no introduction (p) (‘parable’ without ‘p’ = ARABLE) is tailor-made for The Ploughing (ARABLE),

8 Throws in the towel (YIELDS) and tediously misses out (‘tediously’ misses ‘out’ = edisly = YIELDS),

11 Bars (BLOCKS) windy type (BREEZE), in the first place (= positional indicator) (BREEZE BLOCKS), from The House (BREEZE BLOCKS),

15 Finishing school (finishing ‘school’ = L-), going to Australia (-AU-) for new start (‘new’ start = -N-) preserves  (-DRIES) (LAUNDRIES) those promising everything will come out in the wash (LAUNDRIES),

16 Locum (locum = COLUM-) Doctor (= anagram indicator) linked to bank (Allied Irish Banks = AIB = -BIA) takeover (= reversal indicator) (COLUMBIA) of Ivy League college (COLUMBIA University),

17 Rents (rents = STREN-) complex (= anagram indicator) from Government (-G-) with most of (e) the (‘the’ without ‘e’ = -TH) (STRENGTH) power (STRENGTH),

19 Emerge (APPEAR) with a (A-) starter of passion (starter of ‘passion’ = -P-) fruit (-PEAR) (APPEAR),

20 Set up (= reversal indicator), for take (take) mostly (t) (‘take’ without ‘t’ = ake = -EKA) on nice street (Nice/French ‘street’ = rue = EUR-) (EUREKA), for A Cry of Joy (EUREKA),

23 Laid eyes on without nosey (‘laid eyes on’ without ‘nosey’ = laide = IDEAL) model (IDEAL).