Crosaire No 16746 by Crossheir – Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

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8 Pound (pound/crush = GROUND), guinea (G -) and 14 down (‘round’ = -ROUND) (GROUND),

9 Took a stroll down Memory Lane (RECALLED) with Bellow (bellow/shout = -CALL-) going into the grass (RE-ED) (RECALLED),

10 There’s no VAT in Tel Aviv (there’s no ‘VAT’ in ‘Tel Aviv’ = eliv = EVIL) – that’s just morally wrong! (EVIL),

11 The piece in the paper (LEADER-) on Titanic, for example (-SHIP) (LEADERSHIP), is everything you’d expect from the management (LEADERSHIP),


12 Keeps The Suits in check (CLOSET) within earshot of (CLOSE-) the leadership (‘the’ leadership = -T) (CLOSET),

14 Resist the temptation (RESTRAIN) to show off (= anagram indicator) trainers (trainers = RESTRAIN),

15 The type of position that’s likely to upset others (DANGEROUS GROUND) in the quick sand (DANGEROUS GROUND),

18 Made it a condition (DEMANDED) Germany (Germany domain = .de = (DE -) named (named = -MANDE-) mysterious (= anagram indicator) director (-D) (DEMANDED),

20 Daisy’s relative (-ASTER) is following (= positional indicator) loud music (forte = F-) (FASTER) that’s got a quicker tempo (FASTER),

22 Hacks (COLUMNISTS) writer’s forum (writer’s forum = COLUMN-) for academic achievements (firsts = 1sts =  -ISTS) (COLUMNISTS),

24 One of those forward types complain getting this from defensive type (KICK), to boot (KICK),

25 It’s not cheeky (REVERENT) to have a high opinion of (REVERE-) good books (New Testament = -NT) (REVERENT),

26 Thick (OBTUSE) Russian flower (flower/river OB-) on far side of Bucharest (on far side of ‘Bucharest’ = -T-) has value (-USE) (OBTUSE).


1 The Stones’ (GRAVEL) great (G-) composer (Maurice -RAVEL) (GRAVEL),

2 Religious edict (BULL) located in Istanbul library (BULL located in ‘Istanbul library’),

3 Worships images (IDOLATER) of tailored (tailored = IDOLATER) dress (= anagram indicator),

4 Seismic zone, for instance (AREA), of some similar earthquake (some ‘similar earthquake’ = AREA),

5 Those involved in a row (-CREW- row a boat) in boat (S-S) (SCREWS) are usually twisted in tight spaces and won’t be easily dislodged (SCREWS),

6 Group (CLASS-) in The House (-ROOMS) (CLASSROOMS) getting taught a number of lessons (CLASSROOMS),

7 Judge’s sentence (DECISION) remarkably (= anagram indicator) is in code (is in code = DECISION),

13 Autographs (SIGNATURES) of most of (n) The Omen (‘sign’ without ‘n’ = SIG-) characters (-NATURES) (SIGNATURES),

14 Get this from the bar (ROUND) for the swingers before the 19th hole presumably (ROUND),

16 Top Gun’s (ACE-S) all about mood (-TONE-) (ACETONES) of colourless, volatile, watery types (ACETONES),

17 Fights (fights = GIFT SH-) off (= anagram indicator) old (-O-) party leader (‘party’ leader = -P) (GIFT SHOP) for the present (GIFT SHOP),

19 Source of apprehension (DANGER) in garden (garden = DANGER) waste (= anagram indicator),

21 Charlie (-C-) follows (= positional indicator) old partner (EX-) to work (-USE) (EXCUSE) with justification (EXCUSE),

23 Takes it easy immersed (“takes it easy” immersed = SITE) in providing work for the builders (SITE),

24 More than one young fox (more than one ‘kit’ = KITS) has kittens leaving Athens (‘has kittens’ leaving ‘Athens’ = skit = KITS).