Crosaire No 16743 by Crossheir – Saturday, September 8th, 2018

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1 Anonymous corporate figures (SUITS) behind (= positional indicator) firm (BUSINESS) (BUSINESS SUITS) stitched up by the man of the cloth for those in office (BUSINESS SUITS),

10 Neighbours (UK-) campaigned (-RA-N-) over industrial (-I-) Spain (-E) (UKRAINE) from European country (UKRAINE),

11 Could start (‘could’ start = C-) to loathe (-HATE-) a (-A -) classy (-U) (CHATEAU) nice source of wine (Nice/French wine from CHATEAU),

12 Longing (ITCH) to head off (p) to the ground (‘pitch’ without ‘p’ = ITCH),


13 Mistakenly (= anagram indicator) rated (rated = TRADE) by profession (TRADE),

15 Drunk in Italy (ASTI) concealed by Douglas Timothy (concealed by ‘Douglas Timothy’= ASTI),

17 Have a look around (SEE) for some of the loose ends (some of ‘the loose ends’ = SEE),

19 Really relishes (EATS UP) making (= anagram indicator) tea (tea = EAT-) to drink (sup = -S-UP) (EATS UP),

21 Drop (PLUNGE) pressure (P-) from spring (-LUNGE) (PLUNGE)

22 Switches (= reversal indicator) bank (Allied Irish Bank = AIB = -BIA) for second time (second ‘time’ = -I-) for worker (man = NAM-) (NAMIBIA) in Africa (NAMIBIA),

23 It’s uncompromising (STRICT) and dark coming off dirt tracks (‘dark’ coming off ‘dirt tracks’ = irttcs = STRICT),

25 Sings (sings = GN-ISS) jazz (= anagram indicator) over Oriental (east = -E-) (GNEISS) type of rock (GNEISS),

27 Back (BET) in the Globe Theatre (in the ‘Globe Theatre’ = BET),

29 Acknowledges (OWNS) Norwegians taking off in gear (‘Norwegians’ taking off ‘in gear’ = owns = OWNS),

30 What The Rolling Stones lack (rolling stones don’t gather moss = MOS-S) going around Spain (-E-) (MOSES) is a prophetic figure supposedly behind Genesis? (MOSES / The Book of Genesis),

31 Part of redundant illusion (part of ‘redundant illusion’ =TILL) unlocked by shop assistant (TILL),

34 Stable (EVEN-) in (-IN-) Gulf leading (‘Gulf’ leading = -G) (EVENING) at the end of the day (EVENING),

35 Frugal (SPARTAN) crafty type (-ART-) in The Bridge (cross/span = SP-AN) (SPARTAN),

36 A meal deal perhaps (BUSINESS LUNCH) for those buying and selling (BUSINESS) 16 down (‘lunch’ = LUNCH) (BUSINESS LUNCH).


2 The curt (the curt = UTRECHT) Yank (= anagram indicator) from Dutch city (UTRECHT),

3 Large bird (IBIS) turns up (= reversal indicator) in Novosibirsk (turns up in ‘Novosibirsk’ = sibi = IBIS),

4 Prayer meetings dismiss partying (‘prayer meetings’ dismiss ‘partying’ = remees = EMEERS) by Arab rulers (EMEERS),

5 Resign officially from organisation (SECEDE) dispersing (= anagram indicator) seed (seed = SE-DE) around Clare (-CE-) (SECEDE),

6 Characters checkout a hardworking (characters ‘checkout a hardworking’ = UTAH) type of union member in America (UTAH is a state in the Union of the United States),

7 Treachery (TREASON) by liberal (= anagram indicator) senator (senator = TREASON),

8 Those involved in dealing (BUSINESSWOMEN), practice (BUSINESS-) with half (half of) the golf club (‘wood’ = WO-) workers (-MEN) (BUSINESSWOMEN),

9 Concerns the future horse-trading, for instance (BUSINESS PLANS), of group (BUSINESS) with 18 down (‘plans’ = PLANS) (BUSINESS PLANS),

14 Organisational supports (AEGISES) in Midway (mid ‘way’ = A-), for example (e.g. = -EG-), and empty (empty/remove centre = ‘l’) isles (‘isles’ without ‘l’ = -ISES) (AEGISES),

16 Unscholarly royals missing (‘unscholarly’ royals missing/without ‘royals’ = unchl = LUNCH) one that’s never free, as the saying goes (no such thing as a free LUNCH),

18 Landscaper raced away (‘landscaper’ raced away/ without ‘raced’ = lansp = PLANS) with blueprints (PLANS),

20 Keep a tab on deposit (‘keep a tab on’ deposit = PAT) from Irishman (PAT),

21 Glutton (PIG) is posing without son (‘posing’ without ‘son’ = pig = PIG),

24 Our Dean (our dean = RONDEAU) produced (= anagram indicator) something of a refrain (refrain used in RONDEAU poem),

26 Irresponsible (IDIOTIC) papers’ (papers = ID- papers) leaders insinuate officer taken into custody (leaders ‘insinuate officer taken into custody’ = -IOTIC) (IDIOTIC),

27 Sound of disapproval (BOO-) from soldier (-GI-) on ecstasy (-E) (BOOGIE) heard coming from music venue (BOOGIE),

28 Initial troubleshooting (initial ‘troubleshooting’ = T-) takes the pressure off (-EASES) (TEASES) kids (TEASES),

32 Wiki (wiki = KIWI) misprint? (= anagram indicator) That’s not likely to fly! (KIWI doesn’t fly),

33 In so far as leaving Burkina Faso (‘in so far’ as leaving ‘Burkina Faso’ = buka = BAKU) for city in the Caucasus (BAKU).