Crosaire No 16740 by Crossheir – Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

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8 McKinley releases my (‘McKinley‘ releases ‘my’ = ckinle = NICKEL) overseas capital (capital/money/US five-cent coin = NICKEL),

9 Erica cut (Erica cut = CRUCIATE) away (= anagram indicator) piece arranged like a cross (CRUCIATE),

10 Breakdown (WEEP) of cover for Zimbabwe epidemic (cover for ‘Zimbabwe epidemic’ = WEEP),

11 Is childishly willing to pay for canines (TOOTH FAIRY), providing money for The Crown perhaps? (TOOTH FAIRY),


12 Neglected (= anagram indicator) a cough (a cough = GAUCHO) working on the plains in South America (South American cowboy = GAUCHO),

14 Rants are (rants are = NARRATES) useless (= anagram indicator) and that tells a tale (NARRATES),

15 The exact moment when The Bubble burst? (SATURATION POINT) Is that when we had enough! (SATURATION POINT),

18 Polish partner (SPIT- and polish) gets criticism, metaphorically (-FIRE) (SPITFIRE), for a fierce temper (SPITFIRE),

20 Latin missing from penultimate (‘Latin’ missing from ‘penultimate’ = peumte = MEET UP) rendezvous (MEET UP),

22 Calm type (COOLHEADED) didn’t lose temper (kept COOL-) with principal (-HEAD-) at emergency department (-ED) (COOLHEADED),

24 It’s key (CODE) to border’s commodities trade (to borders ‘commodities trade’ = CODE),

25 Top cobbler (top ‘cobbler’ = -C-) in footwear (S-ANDALS) (SCANDALS) has skeletons in the closet (SCANDALS),

26 Goes all the way around the circuit (ORBITS) to review (= anagram indicator) bistro (bistro = ORBITS).


1 Pictures (CINEMA) of spies (CI-A) locking up (= reversal indicator) lads (lads/men = -NEM-) (CINEMA),

2 Leave out (SKIP) shish kebab starters (‘shish kebab’ starters = SK-) with duck (dip) beginning to go off (d) (‘dip’ without ‘d’ = -IP) (SKIP),

3 Great deal (PLETHORA) of accommodation (-LET-) behind (= positional indicator) park (P-) for those going to folk dance (-HORA) (PLETHORA),

4 Some coffee choices (some ‘coffee choices’ = ECHO) to reproduce (ECHO),

5 Puts pen to paper (AUTHOR) in chapter house releasing speech (‘chapter house’ releasing ‘speech’ = atrhou = AUTHOR),

6 A long rambling story (RIGMAROLE) of outfit (RIG-) with secret agent (mole = -M-OLE) capturing a (-A-) ringleader? (‘ring’ leader = -R-) (RIGMAROLE),

7 Doctor (S-URGEON) admits taught first (‘taught’ first = -T-) (STURGEON) one of those from school (STURGEON from school of fish),

13 What divides Dublin and Kildare (COUNTY LINE) and Kerry (COUNTY) as a rule? (LINE) (COUNTY LINE),

14 Neo-conservative withdraws to converse (‘neo-conservative’ withdraws/without ‘to converse’ = neaiv = NAïVE) with one of The Greens (NAïVE),

16 Computer-generated (application = APP-) type of fish (-ROACH) (APPROACH) tackle (APPROACH),

17 Pardon me (pardon me = NAME-DROP) silly (= anagram indicator) – I know all the stars (NAME-DROP),

19 A first aid item (ICE BAG) made with several types of 24 down? (made with several types of ice ‘cubes’ = ICE BAG),

21 DUP (DUP = UPD-) unsettled (= anagram indicator) by revolutionary (= reversal indicator) paramilitaries’ (ETA = -ATE) (UPDATE) reform (UPDATE),

23 Type of job (DESK job) at the banks dealing with risk (at the banks ‘dealing with risk’ = DESK),

24 Solid cool figure (ice CUBE) with bouncer releases Ron (‘bouncer’ releases ‘Ron’ = buce = CUBE).