Crosaire No 16721 by Crossheir – Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

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1 Rotating (= reversal indicator) switch (on = -NO-) in Cork (CA-P-) yard (-Y) (CANOPY) provides shelter from the sun (CANOPY),

4 African (EGYPTIAN) tangy pie (tangy pie = EGYPTIAN) carved up (= anagram indicator),

9 Circulates missing tale (‘circulates’ missing ‘tale’ = circus = CIRCUS)  – the one with the clowns (CIRCUS),

10 Serves up (= reversal indicator) vegetable (leek = KEEL) range (oven) mostly (n) (“oven” without “n”  = OVE-) from recipe (-R) (KEEL OVER) and pass out (KEEL OVER),


12 Use one’s research skills to discover (TRACK DOWN) what the musicians produced (TRACK) with The Blues (DOWN) (TRACK DOWN),

13 A Dior (a dior = RADIO) dress (= anagram indicator) – a medium perhaps? (RADIO),

14 Got pregnant (-CONCEIVED) after being unwell (ILL-) (ILL-CONCEIVED) and it wasn’t planned with any great thought (ILL-CONCEIVED),

18 Outfit (-RIG-) follows (= positional indicator) whistleblower (referee / REF-), Clio’s sister (ERATO-), from the start, religiously (from the start ‘religiously’ = -R) (REFRIGERATOR) keeping things cool (REFRIGERATOR),

21 Lean or muscular type (SINEW) of new (= anagram indicator) wines (wines = SINEW),

22 Lake (Lake GARDA) bar (BAN-) near delta (-D) (GARDA BAND) plays the national anthem before big matches (GARDA BAND),

24 Acute (CLEVER-) hospital ward (-ER) (CLEVERER) is more resourceful (CLEVERER),

25 Quarrel (F-IGHT) is over writing (-R-) (FRIGHT) that will give one the heebie-jeebies (FRIGHT),

26 One of those looking on the bright side of life (optimist) nearly (t) (‘optimist’ without ‘t’ OPTIMIS-) gets married (-M) (OPTIMISM) in Great Expectations (OPTIMISM),

27 Fear and trembling (TERROR) on first tee (first ‘tee’ = T-) leads to inaccuracy (-ERROR) (TERROR).


1 Jasper is not part of practical jokes (‘Jasper’ is not part of ‘practical jokes’ = cticalok = COCKTAIL) in Manhattan? (COCKTAIL),

2 As a rule (NORMALLY), Molly ran (Molly ran = NORMALLY) Review (= anagram indicator),

3 Local bottle (PLUCK) of spirit? (PLUCK),

5 Olive (GREEN) grasses on local (FINGERS) (GREEN FINGERS) with skills essential to the plot (GREEN FINGERS),

6 Beastly type who can stand up for himself (POLAR BEAR) is typical of 17 down (POLAR BEAR is a ‘predator’),

7 ANC leaves in advance (“ANC” leaves “in advance” = idvane = INVADE) of storm (INVADE),

8 It’s going to be tight (NARROW) in new (N-) Dart (dart/missile = -ARROW) (NARROW),

11 Live music lovers (CONCERT-GOERS) interested in performance by 22 across, for example (CONCERT-GOERS interested in “garda band” for example),

15 Finished (OVER-) work (-W-) on high (-H-) tree (-ELM) (OVERWHELM) in swamp (OVERWHELM),

16 Funny (STRANGE-) writing (from 3Rs = -R) (STRANGER) in The Outsider (STRANGER),

17 Is a stalker of The Animals (PREDATOR) and Teardrop (teardrop = PREDATOR) Explodes (= anagram indicator),

19 Nutcase (PSYCHO) starts pre-school year (starts “pre-school year” = PSY-) at church (-CH-) order (-O) (PSYCHO),

20 Shoot up? (INJECT) Give it a shot! (INJECT),

23 Reviews (= reversal indicator) English (-E-) chapter of history (era = A-RE) about key (music key -G-) (AGREE) match (AGREE).