Crosaire No 16720 by Crossheir – Monday, August 13th, 2018

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8 Peach (peach = CHAPE-) salad (= anagram indicator) and port (-L) (CHAPEL) where the service is supposedly good (CHAPEL),

9 Broker (EMISSARY) raises my (raises my = EMISSARY) problem (= anagram indicator),

10 Tabloid dismisses lad (‘tabloid’ dismisses ‘lad’ = tboi = OBIT) in last write-up (OBIT),

11 They get hooked by fishy types (EARTHWORMS) with dirt (EARTH-) on Labour (work) mostly (k) (‘work’ without ‘k’ = -WOR-) from manuscript (-MS) (EARTHWORMS),


12 Manage (HANDLE) old musician (“Handel” = “HANDLE”) on the radio (= homophone indicator),

14 Make up (make-up = LIPSTICK) with mouthy types (LIPS-) for Mark (mark = -TICK) (LIPSTICK),

15 Propose a question (TABLE) to old-fashioned leader’s (“old fashioned” leaders = OF) constituents (constituents of something = CONTENTS of something) (TABLE OF CONTENTS) – that’s one for the books (TABLE OF CONTENTS),

18 Drew attention to how awful the game is, for instance (WHISTLED/ booed), in travelling (= anagram indicator) the wilds (the wilds = WHISTLED),

20 Regular practice (RITUAL) for university (-U-) consumed by new (= anagram indicator) trial (trial = RIT-AL) (RITUAL),

22 Mystery man (X-) loses the head (z) with old philosopher (Zeno of Elea = ‘Zeno’ without ‘z’ = ENO-) from 1 down (‘phobia’ = -PHOBIA) (XENOPHOBIA) with a hatred of foreigners (XENOPHOBIA),

24 Banks to pay a price (banks/sides to ‘pay a price’ = PACE) in March (march/stride = PACE),

25 Most of the hearing (‘sense’ = SENS-) has nothing (-O-) on Eir (“eir” = “air”) report (= homophone indicator) set-up (air = -RIA) (SENSORIA) – that’s our overall perception (SENSORIA),

26 In agreement (ONSIDE) to switch (ON-) from Leinster (rugby -SIDE) (ONSIDE).


1 Is silent leaving inhospitable (‘silent’ leaving ‘inhospitable’ = hopiab = PHOBIA), fearful complex (PHOBIA),

2 Those at The Bar (taps = SPAT) reject (= reversal indicator) petty argument (SPAT),

3 Make modifications to (ALTER) direction (direction east = E-) on green light (-GO) (ALTER EGO) for the other half (ALTER EGO),

4 Stalin left East Berlin (“Stalin” left “East Berlin” = eber = BEER) for Oktoberfest (BEER),

5 Board member (chess board member = BISHOP) from Balearic Islands opens (“Balearic Islands” opens/first letters = BI-) retail opportunity (-SHOP) (BISHOP),

6 Romans test (Romans test = ASSORTMENT) ground (= anagram indicator) for a number of varieties (ASSORTMENT),

7 Top policeman (top ‘policeman’ = P-) from crime (crime = -RIME C-) free (= anagram indicator) Utah (-UT) (PRIME CUT) got the best of the butchers (PRIME CUT),

13 Models (models = dolls = DOLL’S) mostly (t) in local demand (‘hot’ without ‘t’ = HO-) to work with (-USE) (DOLL’S HOUSE) home for little people (DOLL’S HOUSE),

14 In retrospect (= reversal indicator), two coppers (Detective Inspector + copper metal = DI+CU = -UCID) left (L-) (LUCID) sober (LUCID),

16 Finish (ACHIEVE-) writing (from the 3Rs = -R) (ACHIEVER) success story (ACHIEVER),

17 In retrospect (= reversal indicator), made tracks (ran = NAR-) with artist (-RA-), tenor (-T-) or (-OR) (NARRATOR) one of those doing voice-over (NARRATOR),

19 Heal or (heal or = LAHORE) cure (= anagram indicator) in Asian city (LAHORE),

21 A cedar (a cedar = ARCADE) chopped up (= anagram indicator) for someone’s amusement (ARCADE),

23 Sides with Beavis and Butt-Head (sides with ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ = BEAD) for calming one of those strung out? (one of a string of ‘worry’ beads = BEAD),

24 Sell drugs (PUSH) to tuck shops with no stock (‘tuck shops’ with no ‘stock’ = uhps = PUSH).