Conor McGregor case: Hearing of claim for personal injuries against MMA fighter in November

The action has been brought by a woman who is allegedly known to Mr McGregor

The High Court has fixed the hearing of a damages claim against Mixed Martial Arts fighter Conor McGregor to a date in November.

The personal injuries action has been brought by a woman who is allegedly known to Mr McGregor.

The action, which will be before a jury and presided over by a judge of the High Court, was due to be heard in late June/early July next.

On Thursday lawyers for Mr McGregor, who denies all claims of wrongdoing against him, sought to have the case put back to November because he is due to fight Michael Chandler in the UFC on June 29th next in Las Vegas.


Remy Farrell SC for Mr McGregor said his client had entered into a contract regarding the fight and it would not be practical for the trial to occur in and around the contest, particularly if his client were to sustain any injuries in the bout.

The application for an adjournment was opposed by the plaintiff.

John Gordan SC for the woman said that his client has been waiting for the case, which has attracted “a lot of media attention”, to get on for hearing for some time.

His side has been unhappy since the defendant indicated seeking another adjournment, this time to take part in a boxing match.

The hearing, counsel said, had previously been adjourned, following a request by Mr McGregor.

Counsel said that the matter could commence before the court on Tuesday July 2nd.

That start date would give the defendant plenty of time to get back to Ireland from his “boxing match” in the United States, counsel added.

The matter, was mentioned before Mr Justice Alexander Owens, who said that he was putting the case back to November.

There were other cases in next month’s High Court civil jury lists down for hearing ahead of the claim against Mr McGregor, the Judge said.

This meant that there was no guarantee that the action would commence on July 2nd, the judge added.

The judge, who told the court that he is well aware of who Mr McGregor is, said that he was doing the plaintiff “a favour” by listing the case for hearing during the civil juries sessions in November, as it would definitely go ahead on that date.

The hearing is expected to last two weeks.

Separately the judge heard that orders could be made with the consent of the parties in relation to pretrial motions brought by the defendant.

Mr McGregor had been seeking the discovery or production of materials that support his denials from parties including An Garda Siochana.

Mr Farrell said that the parties had reached an agreement in relation to that material, and the court did not need to hear the motions.

The woman’s claim against Mr McGregor is one of two initiated against the sportsman over events alleged to have taken place in 2018.

She has also sued an associate of Mr McGregor.

The actions were filed in the High Court over three years ago, however no details of her claim have been aired in open court.

A second personal injuries action, also against Mr McGregor, has been taken by the woman’s mother.

That case is not due to be heard before a jury.

The allegations in all of the actions are fully denied.

Both women suing Mr McGregor are represented by David Coleman of Coleman Legal Partners, while the MMA fighter is represented by Michael J Staines & Company.