Judge reserves decision on jurisdiction in burglary case over accused’s identity

Accused’s fingerprints reveals he used 27 different names in Europe and the UK

A judge has warned that she will not decide on whether to deal with the case of a man accused of burglary in Cork at district court level until he reveals his true identity after it emerged that he has used 27 different names across the UK and Europe.

Judge Mary Dorgan said she would reserve a decision on the issue of jurisdiction and whether to hear the case at Cork District Court or send it forward for trial by judge and jury at the higher circuit court level until she was certain as to the accused’s identity.

“I will deal with it [the decision on jurisdiction for the case] when he tells us who he is,” said Judge Dorgan in the case of a man who gave the name Yousoof Angelina to his solicitor but whose fingerprints matched 27 different named persons across the UK and Europe.

Mr Angelina is charged with a number of offences including two counts of burglary at Marine Villas, Monkstown, Co Cork, on January 25th, 2024, and burglary at Shamrock Place, Ringaskiddy, Co Cork and possession of cannabis for his own personal use, all on January 26th, 2024.


He is also charged with stealing bicycles at the Ensign Bar, Monkstown, Co Cork, at another location in Monkstown and at Ringaskiddy all on January 26th, 2024 and with failing to produce a valid passport or equivalent document at Togher Garda station on the same date.

The man’s solicitor, Eddie Burke, told Judge Dorgan, in response to her warning that she would not decide on jurisdiction until he revealed his identity, that he was due to visit the man later in Cork Prison and he hoped that he might be able to advance the issue of his true identity.

Sgt Gearóid Davis said the DPP had decided it was a suitable case to be dealt with in the district court but Judge Dorgan said she would reserve the decision on jurisdiction before remanding the man in custody to appear again on June 4th.

On the man’s first appearance at Cork District Court earlier this month, Sgt John Kelleher said the 29-year-old man’s identity was checked through a fingerprint taken from him and it matched for six names in France and 21 identities in England.

“He has not provided any information on his identity in Ireland. We don’t know who he is. So how can we deal with it? This man has not given any information – documents or anything,” Sgt Kelleher told Judge Dorgan.

Mr Burke said the man had told him his name was Yousoof Angelina, he had come from Syria and had arrived in Cork by ferry at Ringaskiddy and no longer had travel documents. “I would have thought a fingerprint would have been conclusive,” he said.

Judge Dorgan said previously that the accused man should arrange through friends or family to get his passport or identifying documentation but the accused spoke and told the judge that “I don’t have family. I don’t have no one.”

Barry Roche

Barry Roche

Barry Roche is Southern Correspondent of The Irish Times