How to . . . lock down your Amazon account

Keep prying eyes out with two-factor authentication

If you have an Amazon account, chances are you have saved a credit card to your account for convenience. The informationisn’t readily available to view when you log in, but you can use it to buy anything on the site without any extra security once you have your password.

That one-click payment option is convenient, but given the wide range of things you can buy on Amazon, you might want to make sure that access to that payment information is as secure as possible.

You can enable two-factor authentication to add another layer of security to your account. Instead of relying simply on your password to get access, Amazon will require a second code before it will allow you to log in.

That means if your account is compromised in some way, you may be able to keep people out.


Sign in to your Amazon account at Click on Your Account and go to Login and Security >Advanced security settings.

Enable two-step verification. Click get started and follow the steps.

You have two options: either use your phone as security or choose an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator which is downloaded to your phone and will generate codes for you.

Most people will opt for phone numbers for convenience. If you choose a phone number, you have the option of receiving the code via text or voice calls. You can also choose a second number as a backup just in case you don’t have access to the first.

When you enable two-step verification you will get a code sent to your nominated number that you will need to enter before it will become active.

If you choose an authenticator app, you will need to add the account in your chosen authenticator, and scan a QR code generated in your Amazon account’s advanced settings.

If there are devices with which you log in regularly - your laptop or smartphone, for example - you can disable the request for codes after the initial sign in. Under advanced security settings you can check out what devices have been granted this privilege and revoke them if necessary.