How to . . . enable Messenger’s dark mode

Still using Facebook Messenger? Here’s how to enable dark mode

Dark mode for apps and software has its benefits. It’s easier on the eyes, it can make text easier to read and it can save on your battery life. So there are some reasons why people prefer to take things down a notch.

Facebook is the latest company to jump on that bandwagon. The social network has been working on a dark mode for Messenger, and it has been rolling it slowly to its users.

It’s very simple. Open Messenger. Send a moon emoji to anyone in your contacts list. If it works, you will get a shower of moons down the screen, and a message at the top of the screen to say you have found the hidden dark mode.

If that doesn’t work, tap the moon emoji; the key is seeing those moons cascading down the screen and the subsequent pop up.


Tap on the message or go to settings, and you will see there is an option to turn on dark mode. Select it and voila: you have a dark mode. The background will turn to black and your eyes will probably thank you for the break.