BrickIt: Build your own Lego creations with help from this app

Tech Tools: The app will scan your Lego bricks and come up with suggestions


When it comes to Lego, the best creations are the ones that come from your imagination. Instead of opting for an expensive set that will build a recognisable item, it’s more fun to just empty the lot on the floor and build from imagination – provided no one steps on a stray brick or two.

The fan-created BrickIt app helps provide inspiration. Once you download the app, you spread out all your bricks and scan them. The app will not only recognise what you have, but it will count it all too. If nothing else, the app is worth downloading – free of charge – for that alone. Then you choose what you to build, whether it’s a car, an animal, a plane and so on. The app will offer up a few options, with some instructions on how to put it together. Your job is to swap out a few pieces and add your own flair.

It works best with collections of 150 bricks or more. It doesn’t work with Duplo and some parts of Technic sets yet, but you can still use the app to categorise and collate the Duplo sets you have.