Selling Ireland’s recovery to Americans

Goodbody organises investor day in Boston where seven Irish companies pitched stories of recovery to US institutions

Irish property has been hot, hot, hot with international investors for some time now. This has been largely driven by sale portfolios by various banks or by Nama and usually involved significant discounts to the par value of the boomtime loans. To build on this momentum, Goodbody Stockbrokers organised an investor day in Boston where seven Irish companies could pitch their stories of the Irish recovery to US institutions. Those presenting included the Green and Hibernia Reits, Cairn Homes, Iput and listed hotel chain Dalata.

All are long-term investors and have been busy acquiring quality property-related assets in Ireland that should benefit from the continued recovery in the economy. And, all going according to plan, they should produce solid returns for their shareholders in the coming years.

Bank of Ireland chief executive Richie Boucher also presented in Boston, having been in the US for some non-deal roadshows. Boucher has made clear his desire to lend to businesses to support the growth of the Irish economy.

With Ireland being the fastest growing economy in the EU this year and various other indicators in positive territory, there would seem to be no better time to promote the country to yield-hungry US investors.