Report says companies should get green efforts certified

Irish market is ‘immature’ when it comes to independent certification

A progress report on a scheme for companies that have pledged to reduce their carbon emissions concludes that the Irish market is “immature” when it comes to companies paying for independent certification of their green efforts.

The observation is included in the report by Pricewaterhouse Coopers on the Low Carbon Pledge taken last year by 47 major Irish businesses to cut their emissions by 2030. The companies include Bank of Ireland, Dawn Meats, Heineken Ireland and retail wholesaler Musgrave. The scheme was devised by sustainability network, Business in the Community Ireland.

The PWC report says the 47 companies have so far reduced their directly-controlled emissions (which does not include emissions produced in the production of power consumed by the companies) by an average of 36 per cent. Two-thirds of the businesses also cut their electricity usage in recent years.