Techtools: Playbulb Garden Solar Lights

Lightweight lights can be strung together wirelessly – €57 (single pack)

Why should your creative lighting streak be confined to inside your house? Playbulb is offering your garden the chance to get in on the act. Its solar bulbs are intended for use to brighten up your garden, with a colour-changing bulb that can be controlled from your mobile phone.

The lightweight lights are designed to function either as a stand-alone unit, or by (wirelessly) stringing a series of them together to turn your garden into something of an open-air disco. They can pulse, fade and flash on command, or even go into candlelight mode. The LED lights are solar-powered, so once fully charged they will work for about 20 hours. Once darkness begins to fall, the smart sensors in the lights kick in, turning them on and starting the party. Perfect for barbecue season, even if the weather can’t be relied upon.