Gin firmly back in fashion in Ireland

Intoxicating Irish Spirits Association figures prove the popularity of mother’s ruin

It might have once been known as mother’s ruin but now gin is firmly back in fashion.

The effect of the spirit on working-class Britain in the mid-18th century was so devastating that the parliament of the day had to step in to impose legislative measures to deal with the issue.

In recent years though, gin has shed its dowdy image. Globally, sales of gin rose 2.5 per cent last year to 52 million cases after a revival fuelled by premium brands such as Hendrick’s.

A new report issued by the Irish Spirits Association shows gin is in high demand again as well here with drinkers in Ireland following in the footsteps of Britain and Spain and rediscovering its love for it.



Gin consumption jumped by a whopping 31.6 per cent last year to make it easily the country’s fastest-growing spirit in 2016. Indeed, such is the demand for gin that a new working group has been established to see how distilleries can benefit from it becoming the drink du jour for bon vivants.

As in other markets, the favourite tipples for gin drinkers here currently are imported brands. However, there are an increasing number of distilleries making great gins here and it would be a merry day indeed for the drinks sector if it joined Irish whiskey as an in-demand spirit for consumers around the world.