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Go Irish! Green is the new blue

LIV watches co-founder Chaz Chazanow on his passion for watch-making, connecting with customer ambassadors and why green is the new blue when it comes to watch styles

When you see green, you think Irish. Is green the new blue? Absolutely, yes. At least when it comes to men’s watches, green is hot. Green has always been my favourite colour, so I am super glad the shade is back in full swing.

My name is Chaz. Originally from NY, USA, but now living in Miami with my co-founder and wife Esti. We have three kids, who I adore, and I’m most passionate about watches, and that has been true since I was 12 when I got my first Swatch watch. Since then, my obsession has not stopped.

In 1993 I got my first official job working for a small Swiss brand called Daniel Mink; that job gave me a fantastic insight into how the watch industry works, both from a sales side and a production aspect. After leaving that brand I spent ten years buying and selling high-end watches online. In 2012 I told my wife that we needed to create a new Swiss brand, something different, and do everything differently from what any other brand was doing. We would design a watch utterly different from what was out there. The design was to have the following attributes: distinctive case design; 3D multilayer dial; robust technical construction; scratch-resistant sapphire crystal; custom integrated strap; and be a watch to which we would feel comfortable giving a five-year warranty.

In 2014, we launched our concept watch called the GX1 1/10th of a second Swiss Chronograph on Kickstarter, and we were blown away by the response. We sold out our first production in less than 48 hours and had to scramble to put more GX1 watches into production; raising close to USD$200,000 on our first campaign seemed terrific then. Little did we know what we had in store for us. The following five Kickstarter campaigns did USD$1 million plus, raising close to USD$6 million on that platform. While the dollar amount raised was excellent, the most gratifying part of Kickstarter was that we got to meet some of the most fantastic watch lovers from all over the world (including Ireland). They absolutely love what we are doing. Both from a timepiece perspective and, more importantly, our brand ethos.


Since 2015 we have launched eight new groundbreaking collections: GX1-A Auto; GX Auto Chrono; Rebel-DDC; Rebel-AR; P-51 Pilot; GX-Diver’s 41 mm / GX-Diver’s 44mm; Saturn V Moon Lander; Saturn V Moon Dust.

LIV’s brand ethos is unique in many ways; being a member of Gen X, a generation that still remembers going to a local store to shop for everything, including my passion, watches. The local watch shops not only gave us the ability to touch and feel the product, but also an opportunity for human connection, communication that the new generation finds hard to come by.

That is what I wanted to replicate with LIV, a brand that not only focuses on selling and educating those who want to know more about the brand and products. We do not use the word customer and prefer to call everyone a fan. If you own one of our watches, you become an ambassador, and that makes sense; you took your hard-earned money to buy one of our watches, and now you have it on your wrist for all to see.

Indeed, this is a partnership; we have almost 3,000 diehard fans in our private Facebook group that post their watches daily, and it allows us to have a real-time chat about what is going on at LIV.

Getting back to green watches, our first green watch was the Rebel-DDC Day Date in Forest Green. The unique design was a perfect complement to the fantastic green-coloured dial. And then came the Rebel-AR Monza Green Swiss Automatic. We followed that up with the Gamma Green 300 meters Swiss Automatic Diver’s. And finally, the Saturn V bronze and titanium Moon Dust.

Now comes our latest release, the GX1 Python Green 1/10th of a second Chrono, and this one has frankly gone next-level green as it’s paired up with a double injected custom form fit, silicone strap that truly brings out the 3D green dial.

As I write this, we have another green watch we will launch in December 2022 (yes, this will make it six green watches), the P-51 Frenesi Green Titanium Automatic Chronograph.

We are always in innovation mode, so you can always count on us to create the next unique Swiss built watch. I encourage you to test out one of our fine watches; we have 90 days no questions asked returns, making it a no-brainer.

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