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How to heat your home sustainably this winter

Whatever the size or style of your home, there are many ways to ensure your heating system is running efficiently and is sustainable this coming winter

With heating costs continuing to rise at a time when the months are starting to get colder, it is important to consider preparing your home now to ensure maximum comfort and lower heating bills over the coming months, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

“Reliability and efficiency are key drivers in choosing the most suitable heating system for your home,” explains Barry Gorman, National Renewable Sales Manager at leading heating technology manufacturer Grant. “We recognise that all homes are different as are the requirements of those residing in them and that homeowners seek the three C’s when it comes to their home heating - comfort, cost savings and carbon savings. Achieving comfort and cost savings are easily achievable, but to achieve all three can be more challenging depending on the home. This is one of the key reasons why we have diversified our product portfolio and designed our heating technologies to work seamlessly together and offer the best possible bespoke heating solution for homeowners.”

Homeowners seek the three C’s when it comes to their home heating - comfort, cost savings and carbon savings

The Grant portfolio features many different types of heating technologies including air to water air source heat pumps, biofuel-ready condensing boilers, condensing pellet boilers, solar thermal panels, integrated hot water cylinders, aluminium radiators, underfloor heating and smart controls. Following the launch of Grant’s biofuel compatible Vortex condensing boiler range last year, Grant has largely transformed into a renewable heating company. This means that zero carbon home heating systems are now much more accessible to homeowners throughout Ireland. Whether you are building your own home or planning to upgrade your heating system, Grant can help you sustainably heat your home for the future.

Sustainable heating for new builds

Under the EU Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) Regulations, new dwellings will typically require a Building Energy Rating (BER) of A2. This means that newly built homes require a certain amount of renewable and energy-efficient technologies to be incorporated into the property.


If you are building a new home, it is essential to consider a home heating system that incorporates highly sustainable heating technologies like an air to water air source heat pump. A reliable heating technology provider like Grant can work with you to design and specify a fully integrated heating package for your new build property that will guarantee long lasting comfort and long term financial and carbon savings.

Grant’s integrated heating packages are developed in line with each specific new build’s heating requirements in mind and typically include theGrant Aerona³ air to water , air source heat pump as the main heat source, the Grant integrated unit (hot water storage system) and Grant Afinia radiators or Grant Uflex underfloor heating, or both as heat emitters within each room. Smart heating controls can also be added which have many benefits such as splitting your heating zones between upstairs and downstairs, to further efficiencies.

Upgrading an older home with a condensing biofuel-ready or biomass boiler

If you live in an older, less efficient home it can be hard to know where to begin with upgrading your home heating system, it can also become quite costly when you throw hot water storage and heat emitters into the mix. To avoid the expense and upheaval associated with a full retrofit, it may be worth considering installing a condensing boiler system.

Upgrading an old oil boiler to a new condensing boiler like the HVO biofuel ready Grant Vortex condensing boiler can help you save over 25 per cent on your annual heating bills, depending on the age and make of the boiler. The Vortex range enables those currently using oil for their home heating to easily transition to 100 per cent HVO biofuel in the future as all models within the range are easily adapted by a heating engineer.

An alternative to biofuel, for those who want to go completely ‘green’, is using a wood pellet heating system to sustainably heat your home. Again, this is another great option for those with an older home that isn’t suitable for an intensive insulation and heating system upgrade, this may be due to the extent of or cost of the project or that the home has been served a Building Preservation Notice. The Grant Spira Pell condensing wood pellet boiler utilises indigenous wood pellets to offer a truly environmentally friendly heating solution, which in turn will deliver ultra-efficient and cost-effective results for homeowners.

Over the last 45 years, Grant has become a world leader in home heating through its design and development of innovative, highly efficient and reliable heating technologies. This has enabled the company to stay ahead of the curve and continue to deliver the best quality, low-cost home heating solutions for homeowners.

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