Do you have work-related queries? From tricky bosses to hybrid working, ask the experts

Experts in HR, employment law, career progression and personal finance will offer a view on your work queries

Do you have work-related questions you’d like to ask our team of experts? From how to deal with difficult colleagues and big workloads to career progression and remote working. We’d like to hear your questions in the form below.

For many of us our work occupies a large proportion of our time and has a huge potential impact on our overall happiness, sense of accomplishment and levels of stress.

We navigate various workplace challenges, from difficult colleagues, to unrealistic workloads, shifting rules around etiquette all while trying to progress.

Employers and managers equally face challenges albeit different ones as many workplaces adopt versions of hybrid working and more informal workplace cultures.


The arrival of Generation Z (people born between 1997 and 2012) into the workplace also promises significant changes, particularly around how management functions and mental health.

To try and explore some of these issues and offer a perspective on workplace dilemmas the Irish Times is starting a new Q&A column.

We have assembled a panel of experts in human resources, employment law, career progression and coaching, management consultants, tax advisers and personal finance to help us offer a professional perspective on your workplace queries.

The column will try and cover everything in the messy world of work from tricky colleagues and unpleasant bosses, how to have difficult conversations, how to move jobs or change careers, the financial implications of working less (or more) and how to “build your brand” within your company and externally in a way that does not make your toes curl.

You can use the form below to submit your workplace questions. Please limit your submissions to 400 words or less and please don’t forget to include a phone number.

Your name and contact details will be confidential and only be used for verification purposes and will not be published. Any details about your employer will also be anonymised.

You can submit your queries below.

We will curate a selection of questions for an article but please note we may not publish a response to every submission we receive.

This column is not intended to replace professional advice and only questions selected for publication can be answered.