Two lesser-known French wines that are light, juicy and easy to drink

Wines for the weekend: Try out something new without spending a fortune with the Rare Vineyards range

The Rare Vineyards range of wines are designed to highlight some of the lesser-known grape varieties found in the south of France. In general, the wines are light, rounded and easy to drink, providing an opportunity to try out something new without spending a fortune.

Marsanne and viognier are usually found in the white wines of the Northern Rhône, including some of the great names such as Hermitage and Condrieu. Viognier tends to be rich and textured, and marsanne a little lighter.

Carignan is very widely grown in parts of Spain and the south of France, but you rarely see it on a label. Until recently, it was distinctly unfashionable and used only in blends. However, a few stubborn producers have shown that low-yielding old vine carignan can make very good wines indeed. The term Vieilles Vignes on the label means that the wine is made from old vines usually at least 25 years old.

In addition to these, SuperValu also has the Pale Rosé, from the makers of Whispering Angel, on offer at €12, down from €16.49.


Rare Vineyards Marsanne Viognier 2021 pays d’Oc

Light with grapefruit zest, green fruits and a crisp dry finish. Drink solo or with creamy cheeses, grilled white fish or summer salads. 12.5%; €9 down from €14 in SuperValu.

Rare Vineyards Carignan 2021 Vieilles Vignes, Vin de France

Rounded juicy sweet dark fruits and light tannins on the finish. Try it with pork chops, firm cheeses and charcuterie. 12%; €9 down from €14 in SuperValu.